Hate the haters and not the drones

So, some nice people have been handing out leaflets on the London Underground?

Overweight Haters Ltd

For those with crappier eyesight than mine, the card reads –


It's really not glandular, it's your gluttony…

Our organisation hates and resents fat people. We object to the enormous amount of food resources you consume while half the world starves. We disapprove of your wasting NHS money to treat your selfish greed.  And we do not understand why you fail to grasp that by eating less you will be better off, slimmer, happy and find a partner who is not a perverted chubby-lover, or even find a partner at all.

We also object that the beatiful [sic] pig is used as an insult. You are not a pig. You are a fat, ugly human.

There has been a bit of a furore over this which I suppose I understand.  There has been quite a lot of slightly [!] negative comments about the people who hand out this shit.

I don't blame them.  I feel sorry for them.  Their only crime is reading the lurid headlines in the tabloids, following Twitter [and Farcebook] and believing all the lies, distortions and propaganda that is pumped out.  They are mindlessly following the latest fad.  Those eminent members of the Overweight Haters Ltd are just ordinary drones and sheeple, probably at the lower end of the food chain, and are to be pitied rather than blamed.

In this instance I lay the blame squarely at the foot of that overweight loudmouthed obnoxious little cunt Jamie Oliver.  In a desperate attempt to grab favour with the powers that be, he comes up with this new campaign which effectively demonises anyone he considers "unhealthy".  I'd also blame those in power who fall for the propaganda and further the cause without question.

It goes far beyond Cunt Oliver though.  There are all those so called Professors, Doctors, Researchers [*spit*] and other “health professionals” who will do anything to grab the headlines in the hopes of furthering their careers and grabbing more of the public purse.  They stop at nothing to further their cause.  Their only aim is to further their careers and care not a damn for the consequences of their dribble.  They don’t care about public health.  They promote hate.  They don’t care about the hatred and discrimination they cause, and in fact relish it as it only furthers their “cause”.  They actively recruit kids [the very ones they claim to be worried about] to sneer, bully and hate others.  For a child to label another as "fatty" is now legitimate and encouraged by the gubmint.  It is now almost a moral duty to sneer and berate a smoker in the street, with the blessing of the gubmint and the local councils.

They are promoting a divided society of hatred and vilification.  They are turning kids against their own parents.  This is population manipulation on a massive scale.

It's time to form Hate Haters Ltd.

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An apology to ASH

I quite enjoy messing around with numbers.

In particular I quite enjoy messing around with graphs.

The other day I came across some figures.  ASH in their inimitable fashion were hopping up and down in a somewhat frenzied way because they had found the World's Worst Smokers.  Or to put it in layman's terms, those OECD countries which still had "high" smoking rates.

Now ASH just love correlating figures and statistics to prove their point.  They can prove using figures that all cheeeldren living within a mile of a smoker will eventually die.  They can prove that one cigarette butt in the gutter is equivalent to fifteen quintillion tons of non-degradable landfill every year.  They can prove that one cubic centimeter of e-liquid can annihilate a city the size of New York.

I thought I'd give them a hand.

I took their figures for the "worst" 22 countries, sorted them and put them in a graph.

Smoking rate

Now that doesn't really prove anything except that the Greeks [good old Greeks!] on the left smoke twice as many fags as the South Africans on the right.

I then decided to look up rates of cancer deaths.  After all, we all know that cigarettes cause every form of known cancer and even some unknown ones.  I made a graph of cancer deaths for the same 22 countries.

Cancer rate

  Now to me that looks like a pretty clear correlation?  I am really getting somewhere.

Oh, hold on?  Damn!  I just realised both graphs are sorted.  What I really need to do is combine them by country?  It's a very simple mistake and I'm sure those nice people in ASH do it all the time.

Smoking rate v Cancer rate

Damn but that looks messy!  Look at those bloody Indonesians, screwing up my nice graph with a death rate as low as South Africa, and they're the second highest smokers?  The fucking Greeks aren't helping either?

I'm really really sorry, ASH.  I did my best but I can't find any correlation whatsoever.  According to my carefully crafted graph, it seems like cancer deaths bear no relation whatsoever to the smoking rates.  I know that's a massive disappointment.

Can you please teach me how to torture the figures just to prove my point?

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A Billion Lives

There has been a bit of a commotion over this Billion Lives thing over the weekend.

Simon Clarke wrote about it and that was followed up by Dick Puddlecote who threw in his hape worth.

I had little to add to the debate, but then under an article on Facts Do Matter I came across a response by Aaron Biebert, the director of the film.  To say my gob was smacked was a slight understatement.

It seems that many pro-smoking advocates would like to hurt our film because they are delusional veterans of a lost war. Lost.

It's laughable to me that they are still fighting. It reminds me when they found Japanese soldiers on an island many years after WWII was done. They were still on alert, waiting for orders. They were still at war.

Let me set out my stall.

First of all, I am a reasonably intelligent person of mature years and I consider myself quite capable of making my own decisions about my own life and therefore resent in the strongest possible terms any attempt to force me down a path according to someone else's ideology.  This applies to smoking, eating, drinking and any other aspect of my life that others may think unsuitable.  I am not pro-smoking.  I am not anti-smoking.  I am not pro-vaping.  I am not anti-vaping.  I am pro free choice to make my own decisions about my health and my life.  The Antis have declared war on me and I will fight them and their allies to the last man.

Secondly, I believe in science, and with regard to smoking or vaping there is no science.  It is all surveys, statistics and epidemiology, none of which are science – they are mathematics and are wide open to bias and error.

The entire anti-smoking/anti-vaping movement is based on figures which are highly questionable to say the least.  No one has ever actually proved that smoking causes cancer, and the so called "facts" around second hand smoke are more than questionable to say the least.  As far as I am concerned smoking may, or may not be harmful.  So are a lot of things in life.  Second hand smoke is an outright fabrication designed specifically to turn non-smokers against smokers.  Just read Frank Davis or Velvet Glove Iron Fist for some mathematical trickery!

The whole anti smoking movement has relied on tried and trusted propaganda methods, mainly the old adage "repeat a lie often enough and it will become the truth".  So they trot out trite figures such as one in every two smokers will die, or 165,000 kids die of secondhand smoke every year, and these little headline-makers get trotted out on a regular basis without question.  They are all bollox.  They are figures that are plucked out of the air and are purely the result of fevered imaginations, wishful thinking and dubious statistics.  Even the Billion Lives figure is a nonsensical piece of rubbish designed exclusively to grab headlines.  It is absolute bullshit.  It implies that if smoking were eradicated entirely that somehow, miraculously a billion people wouldn't die this century which is laughable.  I can guarantee that every single person who reads this along with 99% of the world's population of seven billion will never see the year 2100, so where is the one billion lives now?

I have been very disappointed at the stuff I have read from vapers over the last few years. In the main, their rhetoric has been playing right into the hands of the Tobacco Control Industry.  They scream about how much safer vaping is and how it is saving lives.  Maybe vaping is safer and maybe it isn't – I don't care one way or another as it is irrelevant.  My point is that smoking or vaping should be a free choice where no one has any right whatsoever to dictate terms.  Maybe vapers have been trying to cozy up to Tobacco Control hoping for an easier ride, and maybe some are now realising that Tobacco Control doesn't give a damn about Tobacco – they care about Control.

I don't know what was going through Aaron Biebert's mind when he wrote the comment above.  Does he really hold smokers in such contempt?  Is he trying to score brownie points with Tobacco Control?  He has certainly not convinced me that he is in any way an ally.

I haven't seen the film A Billion Lives but going by the trailer it is a massive disappointment.  It should set out to debunk the lies and propaganda but by the looks of things it may debunk some but just repeat others.  The title alone is enough to put me off at it is just another of the over dramatised myths. 

I know the title comes from the WHO and The Lancet but that says nothing [neither is exactly famous for impartiality].  It is a wet dream headline designed to scare and dramatise, but it is still the result of very dodgy statistics and extrapolation and is ultimately a nonsense.

Aaron Biebert should be really careful.  He should be fighting for the freedom of the individual, instead of which he is just fighting his own little vaping corner and it looks to me like he is losing.

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Giving ASH what they deserve

Next Friday is [apparently] Black Friday.

This is yet another of those ghastly concepts which has spread across the Atlantic in an effort to squeeze even more money out of our wallets.

This is followed by Cyber Monday.  I haven't a fucking clue what that is but as it is yet another Mercan invention I shall treat it with the contempt it deserves and ignore it completely.

Then we have Giving Tuesday.  I confess I have never heard of this one before so it must be a new one.  Not content with trying to sell us every useless piece of tat they can think of, they are now trying to squeeze money out of us for no reason whatsoever other than apparent guilt.

I have to thank ASH for pointing me in the direction of Giving Tuesday, as they are using it to appeal for funds.  It seems the millions of taxpayers' money they already get isn't enough.

ASH appeal

I think for once, just in the spirit of Giving Tuesday I shall send them a donation.  Now my Deposit Account is a little threadbare at the moment but the dog has stepped up to the plate and offered me all her deposits so I shall happily forward them on to ASH.

I actually feel quite sorry for ASH.  In particular, ASH Scotland has just had a very hard time of it.

Their Sheila Duffy appeared before some committee or other and things didn't go quite as planned.  She rode in on her white horse in her guise as saviour of mankind presumably with the intention of ordering the committee [and the gubmint] to have nothing to do with the Evil Big Tobacco.  However she was [just a little] confused by the way things went.  It's well worth the watch.

Dick Puddlecote has already had a go at poor Shiela [as if she hadn’t enough troubles] but I would like to add one small observation, purely in the interests of honesty and accuracy which poor Sheila seems to crave so much.

In her opening propaganda speech she gives the usual guff about Big Tobacco designing their products to kill [blah blah]. she mentions that smoking kills one in every two consumers [with a dark hint that they may be planning to up that to two out of three].  She then goes on to state that tobacco is responsible for a quarter of all Scottish deaths, which confuses me a little.  Assuming a quarter of the population smokes, that means that all of them account for a quarter of all deaths?  This is in fact true – if a fifth of the population are readheads then a fifth of all deaths are redheads.  Right?  But being a redhead didn't necessarily kill them. That's called logic.

So if a quarter of the population smokes, and a quarter of all deaths are smokers then that would seem to imply that smoking was just as incidental as being a redhead or having blue eyes.  So using her own argument, smoking seems to have no effect on whether you die or not? What point is she trying to make?

Poor Shiela.  And on top of all that she is accused of being a part of the tobacco industry?  

You have to feel sorry for her?

I think I will add my own contribution to Penny's after all.

She seems to like wallowing in shit.


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Legal discrimination

Over the next few months people will doubtless turn their thoughts to holidays.

If nothing else, it's a pleasant subject to dwell on in the dark cold days of winter?

For the last four years, I have gone to the same place in West Cork.  I go there for several reasons – it's an incredibly peaceful and beautiful location, the people in the local town are extremely friendly and the dog is more than welcome.  It is also a non-smoker cottage.  Now the agent who lets the place knows us at this stage so when she discovered that we were fumigating the place on a daily basis she just asked us to open the windows before leaving.  An eminently sensible arrangement.

But how does the smoker fare when it comes to booking a holiday here?

My pal John has just been on a road trip around Ireland highlighting the discrimination against smokers in this country.  Simon Clark gives a brief summary of the trip over at his place.  What stands out for me is the hostile reception John got when trying to find himself a hotel room for the night.  The anti-smoking laws here don't cover hotel rooms, or indeed rented accommodation but by all accounts hotels can hang a sign on the front door – "Niggers, Polaks, Pakis and Tinkers welcome but NO SMOKERS" and somehow get away with it. 

I just did a quick search on the Interwebs to see what kind of reception smokers get in self-catering holidays in this Ireland of a Thousand Welcomes.  It wasn't easy but I found a site that allows searches under various criteria. 

The site has the best part of eight hundred rentals so it should be easy enough to find a place that welcomes smokers?

Think again.

Holiday selector

Out of eight hundred locations, just five allow smoking?  Less than one percent?

This "denormalisation" of smokers has gone too far.  We have chosen a lifestyle which is perfectly legal and which has a lot more health benefits than they care to admit.  We are singled out for excessive taxation, legal discrimination, abuse from public funded qangos and abuse from the public who are egged on by those same qangos and "charities".  We are inundated with advertising and propaganda against us, and they take delight in dreaming up new ways to attack us such as banning smoking in our own cars, and ultimately [I bet] in our own homes.  If any other sector of society was subject to so much abuse there would be screams of discrimination which would doubtless end in the European Court of Human Rights.

Racism and discrimination exist in this country.  However there is a clatter of laws against said discrimination.  The law is fully on the side of the discriminated.

Except in the case of smokers where the law is fully against us.

No blacks, No smoking

One is illegal and the other is encouraged by the law.

What's the difference?

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