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  1. There are loads of other issues too. Just to mention a couple…..

    As you will have seen here in Ireland, tourism is a big earner for any economy. What happens to smokers coming into Britain from abroad? Are they to be denied their addiction too?

    And the reverse of that, What happens to someone bringing in tobacco from their holidays abroad? Horror of horrors, in the future they may even be too young to smoke their ill gotten ciggies in the UK! If someone gives holiday ciggies to a third person, are they then guilty of a crime?

    If an existing smoker who would fall foul of the age limits moves to the UK, what happens then?

    It is a ridiculously complicated minefield that will be impossible to police.

    • Just like alcohol, this mad UK proposal only relates to the act of purchase – it remains quite legal, as it always has been, for under-age folk to drink alcohol or smoke tobacco, they just can’t legally buy it. That doesn’t stop an older person giving them the booze/smoke, but if the older person buys it on their behalf as an ‘agent’, that agent would then transgress the law when they later ‘sell’ it on to the younger user.

      Any travellers over 18 will still be allowed to bring in 200 duty-free cigarettes, but would not then be legally able to purchase more, which may shorten many holidays, reducing tourism trade etc.

      All completely bonkers, ill-conceived, unworkable, unenforceable and with vastly more downsides than benefits, which probably explains why an utterly incompetent, brain-dead government is proposing it.
      The problem for the UK is that the opposition parties, probably the next government-in-waiting, are even more enthusiastic about it, so the thinking UK voters will have nowhere to turn, apart from civil disobedience.

  2. Banning hard drugs is working so well. They are now expanding their scope. Oh, wait….

  3. The Lib Dems (illiberal anti-democrats) voted for it. They still advocate legalising smoking cannabis.

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