The chance of a lifetime

I have decided.

I am taking a break.

After over ten years of pouring out the verbal squits, I think I deserve one? 

Maybe I’ll be back tomorrow, or next week, next month or even next year?  Who knows?  I’m certainly not shutting the place down or anything drastic like that.

Now I don’t like the idea of this place just sitting here gathering cobwebs and dust so a little idea crossed my mind.  Why not let others have a chance?

So here is your chance for fame and fortune.  Why not have your say?  Yes – I am throwing the site open to anyone who wants to try it out.  Do you have something to get off your mind?  Have you been hiding a golden nugget that the world deserves to read? 

The rules are simple.

1. You must have previously commented on this site [so that cuts out the riffraff and people blatantly selling tacky wares].

2. If you don’t have a site of your own then that’s brilliant – it would give you a chance to dip your toe in the murky waters of misinformation, trolling and back stabbing that’s generally called “blogging”.  Who knows, you may be an undiscovered genius?

3. The content mustn’t lay me open to prosecution or being banned permanently from the Interwebs.

4. That’s all.

If anyone fancies a go, just drop me a mail [just hit the Contact link at the top] and we can do things in one of two ways – I can either set you up as an author here so you can write directly, or just submit your efforts via email and I will publish an unedited unvarnished version.

Hows about that for an idea?

Go on.  You know you want to.


Whatever makes them happy

I came across a little video.

It looks rather expensively produced and I gather it’s supposed to be oh so clever?

Personally I think it’s about as clever as sticking a “I’m a dunce” notice on the back of a teacher’s gown. 

What led me to this hilarious masterpiece was a little Tweet –

ASH's Obsession

Obsessed?  Fucking hell!

Well, at least we know now what amuses ASH and their “allies”?

And we all thought they had no sense of fun or humour?

Though I confess that their “humour” is a little bit beyond me….

A matter of priorities

It’s quite amazing.

There are so many top stories in the news at the moment that are dominating the airwaves, the Interwebs and half a rainforest of print.  There is Trump and his impending inaugeration.  There is Brexit.  And here on home turf there is some shennanigans up in Norn Iron that is apparently leading to an election.

The Doom Merchants are having a field day with all of this.  The sky is about to fall on our heads.  Nuclear war is to occur within the next four minutes [according to that shower of idiots over in Avaaz].  We are going to see customs posts again on the border, complete with machine gun towers and barbed wire.  There is going to be war in Europe, America and Norn Iron.


So what’s so amazing?

I have nothing to say about any of it.  I find it all so tedious and boring.  I am tired of the headlines and the bodylines and the footnotes.  I really couldn’t give a flying fuck about any of it.  There is a possible reason for this, as I have just noticed from typing the above – it all concerns politics.  If someone [possibly Trump?] nuked the White House, the EU headquarters, the British Parliament and Stormont would it make much difference to the man in the street?  It’s an interesting hypothesis?  It would certainly solve a lot of problems?

In the meantime, I have much more important things to attend to.  I have pressing matters that need my attention so I don’t have time for all this political crap.

For a start, I have to nip down to the village as a matter of extreme urgency.

My library books are due back today.