The age of reason — 5 Comments

  1. Can they self identity as being of a different gender and more mature?
    Jonathon Swift would be giving up because “reality” is more ridiculous than anything he could conjure up.
    Unless we are all in his imagination, and living on yet another island that Gulliver visited?

    • Maybe I’ll refuse to vote on the grounds that I identify as a dog [a Golden Retriever to be precise]? Dogs should be given the vote!!!! We’re more alert than most teenagers.

  2. It’s all predicated on the old adage that people become more right-leaning as they age. The parties of the left, across Europe are realising that the jig is up and their voters (other than in the UK where perversely they are stubbornly continuing to believe in the left) will never win by themselves.
    So the vote has to be given to the younger and younger, using a variety of spurious arguments. The real reason is to try and get that still-indoctrinated lefty vote as it leaves school, but before it’s had chance to experience paying tax, or think for itself.
    Their favourite argument is to wibble on about being ‘able to serve and die for your country at 16’ (regardless of the fact that 16-18yo in most countries can join the forces but not be combatants.

    • There is a very well known phenomenon here of the civil war influencing the vote. I know that was 199 years ago but what’s a few years? Anyway, families traditionally vote on the lines of old grievances, and this tradition has filtered down through a few generations. It’s finally dying out as Millennials couldn’t give a shit about old wars, hence the death of single party governments and the rise of coalitions. And about time too. The more disruption to old style voting patterns, the better.

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