Underage at sixty? — 9 Comments

  1. I seem to recall that Prohibition in America had some unintended downside consequences – it appears that they never learn, so let them reap what they sow.
    History may not always repeat itself but it can echo very loudly.

    • It seems that to the authoritarian left (which includes both Labour and the Conservatives here in the UK), unintended consequences are just an integral part of every decision. They learned that a frightened population is susceptible to control and they are milking it for all its worth. And that population, having been frightened, just seems cowed now, accepting whatever the corrupt WEF desires and Soros funds – most un-British. But it also means that the population seems to have ceased holding Government to account.
      Oh, I know it’s likely the Conservatives will be voted out, but in an immense act of National self-harm, only to vote in Labour – who wanted, and still want, even more control, even more authoritarian policies, and with much less competence even than from the faux-Conservative, pro-state governments we’ve had these last 13 years or so.
      All of whom are in thrall to that same, corrupt, WEF.
      And there’s no real choice- a swing to (say) the Reform party of a massive 12% would get them 2 (yes- two) seats.
      Britain is utterly broken. And the corrupt (see events in Canada) WEF holds all the real power and control.
      Globally. They’re even using the same, paid-for activists on the streets technique on Poland now. I think without Soros and the WEF we might just stand a chance. But I’ll not hold my breath.

    • @Mudplugger

      Yes, the Americans have already run this experiment, the results are conclusive and there’s no need to run it again. Although the rest of the world are still running the experiment of banning other recreational drugs with the same, predictable results. To borrow a slogan from another campaign: “My body, My choice”. The governments’ only involvement should be to ensure the customer gets what they pay for. (And, of course, that the correct tax/duty is paid.)

  2. I have never smoked so I have no problem with that sort of thing,although I agree that stupid sums up most governments.
    In a similar way I still shake my head when buying a bottle of wine at the local supermarket. If I use the self service till,the spotty faced 12 year old supervisor has to stop what they are doing and wave a magic card for the machine to take payment and let me get on my way.I am incidentally old enough to be the child’s great grandfather.

    • This is surely just a variant of the old ‘I’ll do nothing because they haven’t come for me, yet’ argument.
      By the time they do, it’s usually too late.
      Freedom is always hard won, and so very easy to lose….

  3. How much will general taxation have to rise to make up for the tobacco tax currently raising millions of Pounds? Meanwhile, that old bloke who lives on the corner, and who can legally buy cigarettes, will have changed his clapped out Ford Escort for a top of the range Bird Puller Shag machine.

  4. I await Challenge 65 with interest.

    This reasoning is why I see violence is inevitable. They are not reasonable people and rely on the fact that most are sheep. Therefore they will continue to tighten the leash tighter and tighter until people snap. ULEZ is just one area where people are starting to fight back.

    I actually think the tories will get in next time, Liebour is still pushing policies that the conservative party are pulling back from so people with no options will choose getting beaten with a smaller stick. I awaiting a true Conservative group though. It’ll be some time though and we will have more violence and civil disobedience before then.

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