And the blind man cometh forth — 3 Comments

  1. And he is only 28 really! 🙂

    I’m surprized that you haven’t commented yet on the British plan to increase the age at which tobacco products can be bought by one year every year. Even to a non-smoker like me it seems ill thought out and impossible to police.

    • Apart from being irrational and impractical, it’s also easily defeatable.

      A new religion will be established in the UK, The Church of the Noble Smoke Pixie, open to anyone born after 2009, in which it will be a ritual requirement to purchase and smoke cigarettes whenever the adherent wishes.
      Just like those others allowed to circumvent laws relating to knives and protective headgear etc. by claiming religious exemptions, the adherents of the Noble Smoke Pixie can do the same because otherwise would be religious discrimination. Sorted.

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