Popcorn Bullshit Bingo — 5 Comments

  1. RTE seems to be awash with highly paid no-talent.
    But then National taxpayer funded broadcasting all over the world suffers from this.
    Post mortem must be fun when the body died of popcorn lung. Does the surgeon invite all his mates? Or is it a case of having to wear upper body armour and clearing the room?

  2. Popcorn lung is caused by one of the chemicals used to make microwave popcorn, hence its name. Apparently it affected a lot of workers and was banned. It is supposedly in vapes so therefore vapes must cause popcorn lung, although I’m not sure what evidence there is.

    • The Popcorn Lung vaping scare was just in a small area of the States and was traced to one garden shed manufacturer who had used too much of some ingredient. It was a small scare but the anti-vaping mob latched onto it and made sure it became an urban legend which still circulates widely.

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