I have decided to post some comments I have received over the past while –


Since Grandad started blogging a few weeks ago I’ve been keeping an eye on his posts and enjoying every one of them.
His most recent one hurt. It really did. I laughed so much my sides hurt

  • Michele Neylon

Please say this is a joke.

  • Bock

Ignore that Grandad guy. God is on our side and we will win,

  • George W Bush [in letter to CIA intercepted by Grandad]

Actually, I’m not. I’m on Grandad’s side.

  • God

Holy shit, that is mental.

  • Twenty Major

I think you should put yourself up for best blogger on the Net Visionary Awards and Golden Spiders Awards next year. This is my first time reading your blog and it’s brilliant. Subscribing now!!!

  • David Behan

I’ll get you, yiz asshole.

  • Bertie Ahern

You have been bumped

  • America’s Most Wanted

HA! very funny, finally something made me laugh today

  • John

Stop playing on that computer and do the washing up.

  • Herself

Hell funny blog,from one of the Americans who hate bush.

  • PopeyeMoon [See? There is at least one. Grandad]

I’d like to see the journos get hold of this one!

  • Dave

Stop sending me your damned articles!

  • Geraldine Kennedy [Ed. Irish Times]

I was going to have a look at your blog but now I’m scared.

  • B.S.

Thank you Grandad for the true, honest and unbiased look at the country I left half a lifetime ago!

  • Grannymar

You just ruined my morning.

  • PopeyeMoon

No you are not mad.

  • Monique

Have just found your blog and feel all the better for it.

  • Ashley

You called me racist. You ****ing Irish Mick.

  • Jade Goody

They’ve all got it infamy [at] Head Rambles

  • Luke O’Neill [“Blogging On” in the Irish Times]

enjoy a bit of light relief with Grandad’s idiosyncratic view of Ireland

  • Alex Klemm [The Progressive Gardener]

Fantastic. There goes my lunch.

  • Dario

Thanks for the great writing.

  • Brianf

You’re a bad person, clearly.

  • Rob

Grandad – you’re a fine thing

  • That Girl

Grandad, you ould ride!

  • The Swearing Lady

Grandad is witty and funny. And, he adds wisdom to the mix.

  • Jefferson Davis

I spit my tea all over my desk and computer screen! I love love love this blog. Its the highlight of my day.

  • Laurie [*sigh* The things I get blamed for. Grandad]

God help us – it gets worse…….. Can’t wait to see what you write about next!!!!

  • Kate

You are the crackling voice of “reason”.

  • John

u never fail to bring a slime to my face.

  • wrf

a shining beacon of truth standing tall in the muddled miasma of governmental flatulence that engulfs the Emerald Isle

  • Kirk M

Grandad sends a Grandadesque message to the ‘plain’ pack folks.

  • @AgentAnia