A train of events — 6 Comments

  1. Bring back the canals I say. I have never, in all my many years on this earth, heard of a canal causing a traffic jam 🙂

    Bonus being they can sober up the drunks in an instant by ducking them in the cold murky water 😉

    • An excellent suggestion.  Seeing as the city is circled by two canals [The Grand and The Royal] it would make sense.  Issue jet-skis to commuters?

    • The surgeon is very happy apparently.  But that may be down to drug abuse, an over inflated ego or something else?

      She can’t put any weight on the leg for six months.  I’ll buy her a load of Helium balloons and tie them to her head.

  2. I understand that Michael O’Leary, he of Ryanair, has registered his Rolls Royce as a private hire taxi so he can use the bus lanes and avoid the traffic jams caused by the common people.

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