Funding fossils — 8 Comments

  1. Just heard the EXCITING NEWS! The Pope, the Holy Father , is to visit Ireland! *breathless and giddy with excitement* Be still my beating heart.

    • Of course he is.  I presume you have already booked your flight?  Accommodation is already filling so before prices go through the roof I can offer you a bed at The Manor.  Book now before the price hikes.  Only £1,000 per night.

  2. Didn’t JP2 pull in over 2,000,000 on his Irish gigs? I wonder how many fewer the present pontificating Pontiff will draw in…….?

    ….a couple of nuns, Father Jack and an Ol’ boy who thinks his Ma might have been one of them roaming catholics cos she used to pray the Rosary after performing her ‘marital duties’?

  3. The word “institute” should arouse suspicions – just look at the right-wing Catholic pressure group that calls itself the Iona Institute and you see how the word is assumed in order to convey an appearance of standing and gravitas.

    • Interestingly, I use “Web of Trust” on my Mac to identify sites which others have found to be less-than-kosher. On chancing a perusal of the Iona Institute site, pop-ups appeared informing that others have rated the site as “Untrustworthy” and “Dangerous to Children”. Unless there’s a concerted Proddy or secular campaign against them (but who would bother?), it’s a curious thing.

      • I had a look around for Web of Trust and quite a few are saying it’s not to be trusted!

        Having said that, I wouldn’t go within a mile of the Iona Institute.  It’s a coven of strict God Botherers which holds extreme “Catholic” views.  I would class them as the provisional wing of the Irish Catholics.  I’m not surprised they got a few “Dangerous to Children” marks!

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