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  1. But anything can create jobs?  Why don’t they concrete over the Bog of Allen?  That would create thousands of jobs?  It worked during the famine…..

    Ah Grandad, I thought Metro Bashing was a South Side hobby horse because it only really benefits Northsiders – Get over it ,
    I do think it’s a good idea – creates employment, gets people off the dole, increases spending etc
    It’s the lack of a budget that kills me – The Germans, French and Spanish would be able to do it for 4 billion – but we have to have an open ended budget of up to 10 million – Stupid

  3. OK, Dessiegee, I won’t bash the Metro, provided there is a cast iron guarantee that there will be no cuts in the budget for OAPs, education, health or care for the disabled.

    If they do cut any of those and the Metro gets the go ahead, then I shall be mightily pissed off.  Is a toy train of greater importance that our old folk, children and disabled?

  4. If this goes ahead can we not export all the key contracts to Joe Foreigner please? It is not beyond Irish company’s to fabricate tram lines, excavate underground etc.   

  5. Just think how sexy old Dublin will be when its all over (about 2099)!!. There’s no fucking way this project will ever go ahead with the shit storm the country is in , its a load of old codswallop designed to refocus our attention away from the real problems of the banking and other assorted shit that this government is up to its collective neck(s) in. I see Aherne was on preaching to the Poles yesterday about how to run their country, into the fucking ground if they listen to that criminal.Why oh why are none of these bastards behind bars yet???

  6. Johnie- – That is a good point.  The gubmint will shout about the number of jobs that will be created, but how many of them will be Irish?  I would guess very few.  Maybe they will import a dose of Chilean miners?

  7. I’ve just seen on rte “news” that 4 td’s tried to claim dail allowances while they were grounded outside of the country by the ash cloud. How come these fuckers are not being charged with fraud?? this place gets worse by the day. Fuck me, I’m in a bad mood today.

  8. Kenny refuses to criticise party’s ‘Ash Cloud Three’
    By Conor Ryan Political Correspondent
    FINE GAEL leader Enda Kenny has refused to criticise three of his TDs who had the Dáil record changed so their absences, caused by Iceland’s volcanic ash cloud, would not be highlighted.

    Read more:
    That explains it so, by the way the other robbing bastard was o’donaghue,a man not exactly renowned for his honesty when it comes to claiming our fucking money. Can people not see that there will be no change in Ireland until all these thieves  and their thieving offspring are removed from political life once and for all.

  9. Frank – And when did this country ever do the logical thing?  It would surprise me at all if it goes ahead.  It has been described as a ‘vanity project’ which I think is very fitting.  The only reason the want it is because other capitols have theirs.

    As for the ash clod mob – they have all now said they are not claiming.  Big fucking deal.  Those bastards should have to beg for every red cent.  What’s more those fucking regulations they keep quoting should be radically overhauled.

  10. Across the pond, we call this “progress”  with an outstanding chances for graft, stealing, and failure.

  11. I see y’all are getting 500 million from Europe to get it going. Gotta love the good old EEC.
    Rapid transit is the way to go.

  12. A classic civil service ‘inspired’ diversion tactic.
    “Give the proles a clear target and they will focus on it. Raise that target up above head height and we can sneak in the things we really want right in front of them. They will never notice what is really going on beacuse they are looking up at the shiny target”
    Sadly I am ignorant of what the Irish civil service is called but over here in the third world hole called the United Kingdom our civil service roll this tactic out all the time and it works every time.

  13. We should just take the free travel off the pensioners – that would pay more than pay for it

  14. Look at the shiney shiney!!!! No- look at the shiney shiney. Shower of lazy thieving bastards is what they are called over here Bill.

  15. Desssiegee…Well, for us old farts, keep the Golden Treekers for at least a year!

    Frank….Our shining example is Boston’s Big Ditch…Cost was billions…and leaks like a little baby..or an old fart wearing Depends.

  16. Grandad, there’s loads more nice places in Dublin!
    The Phoenix Park, Sandymount Strand and the South Wall, Dollymount Strand, East and West Piers in Dun Laoghaire, The Grand Canal, The Dublin mountains, River Dodder walk from Tallaght to the sea, Botanic Gardens, Herbert Park, Bushy Park, Marlay Park, St. Anne’s Park, Howth Head, Corkagh Park, Tibradden Wood, Iveagh Gardens, Blessington Street reservoir.
    And I think we need a train straight from the airport. It’s 2010 and we’re supposed to be a European capital. Anyway, it’ll be privately funded and run like the trams so we won’t actually pay for it unless you use it yourself. If they feck up the Green though, there’ll be killings.

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