The Daniel Day Luas — 9 Comments

  1. I keep asking myself why that kind of royal fuckups happens all over the whole of Europe and beyond (in Germany look for Berlin airport and Stuttgart21 as two nice examples). Must indeed be that it never has any serious consequences for those who have a very generous way of dealing with other people’s money.

    • This is why they spend eye-watering [tax payers’] money on reports and consultations.  If things fuck up, which they invariably seem to, they blame the consultants.  Naturally if it is a rare success then they claim the credit.

  2. What amuses me the most about these tram systems, is that they all existed a 100 years ago, but were scrapped because they were old technology. The past, not the future. So, almost a 100 years on, the past is suddenly the future and everybody is reinstating them. Dublin has them, Edinburgh recently reintroduced them, Manchester has them, Croydon and Sheffield. Cardiff wants to introduce them. The list is increasing all the time.

    Every single one of them has one thing thing in common – they were all bloody expensive and every single one of them royally fucked up a barely functioning town/city centre causing traffic jams and traffic accidents. They eventually get it right, but not without disastrous consequences and further huge expense.

    The irony being of course, that the future of transport is the past.


    Give it another 10-15 years and they will all be scrapping them again for the next new (i.e. old) idea that is the future (wouldn’t surprise me if that ‘new’ idea was the trolley-bus)

    • Maybe they should go back to square one Simon, skip all the new-fangled stuff – like Edinburgh, horse buses, horse trams, steam buses, cable trams, electric trams, diesel buses, hybrid buses, electric buses!

  3. Then you’d better pray God there is never an EireXit (Irexit?). Otherwise Ireland will end up with Free Trade deals with that pacific power-house nation , the Pitcairn Islands!  Worst still with automated border check points between the yUK and Ireland….possibly supplied by that Dutch firm ….I’m sure they still have some MS Dos floppies…

    • Boy do you have a serious hang-up about Brexit!  If both the UK and Ireland leave then we just go back to our old trade agreements.  We might even build you a few more canals and motorways [not to mention laying Tarmac on your driveways].

  4. “we just go back to our old trade agreements.”

    SO you take all our cheap tin trays, glass walking sticks and drunken tourists while we import all the ‘Kiss Me Quick I’m Oirish’ hats your little leprechauns can run up?

    Sounds like a good deal to me.

  5. Reminds me of an local underpass under a very busy junction which was blocked for hours the first time a bus tried it out. Some plonker hadn’t got the angles right and the bus was left dangling with its front wheels in the air.

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