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    • The Dublin Underground has been on the plans for a long time, as has a plan to run a railway to the airport.  Doubtless they’ll fuck up those plans too.

  1. It’s not the trams, it’s Irish administration that is the problem. The exceptionally beautiful medieval city of Bordeaux built an entire network, with similar trams, for a fraction of the price – and charge only €1.50 for an hour and a half of travel. And they have no overhead wires in the city centre.

    The problem in Ireland is gougers in high places who seize upon every opportunity to trouser public money.

  2. Why not use elevated barge canals. After all keeping a few million liters of water 6 or 7 meter above city streets should be simple.

    • After all keeping a few million liters of water 6 or 7 meter above city streets should be simple.

      With Ireland’s annual rainfall it’d be a piece of piss.

  3. And the expansion was somewhat haphazard, not like those boring Merkan cites which are all straight lines and the Dublin expansion resulted in a maze of streets, some wide, some narrow and all basically suitable for little traffic which mainly consisted of the horse and cart.

    You’ve never been to Boston have you? You could take your entire post and just substitute Boston for Dublin and it would be just as accurate. Of course Boston added the MBTA subway (underground) system some time ago that also include bus style “trolleys” that ride around on rails all over the place to add to the mess. I swear there’s not a straight road or street anywhere in Boston and half of those are one-way only.

  4. Pre-car, there was a tiny clue about access, “She wheels her wheelbarrow, through streets broad and NARROW”

    I have a dream that one day councils will employ fewer dunces and self-serving, grasping idiots.  It might happen.

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