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  1. And your evolution as a blogger has been throughly enjoyable. I for one hope it goes on for years to come. 

    • Evolution or Devolution?  As one of my original commenters, I have to hand it to you for dogged persistence!

  2. I love the blog..who cares if you don't get hits its always entertaining!

    I've learned so much about climate change bores, Anti smoking lunatics, Duncan Stewert (Did you ever drop that concrete block on him)  and Star wars fans 🙂

    Your not giving this up. So many bloggers from the mid 2000's have given up the ghost and jumped to twitter no perseverance.

  3. I hope that you keep going as I don't believe you have said it all.

    There will inevitably be more nonsense spouted which deserves your take downs,  awaited by us avid readers, possibly more frequently than should be necessary in a sane world.

    And what about more naked photos of granny, or committing suicide (an update), or surviving a skinfull of Guiness?

  4. Please keep on.  I've been reading your stuff for several years, never comment, but always enjoy your point of view!

  5. You can stop writing when the rest of the world (i.e. the self-proclaimed élite) cease their arrogant conceited stupidity and stop treating us all like naughty children who need nannying, correcting and controlling.


    On that premise, I don't see you ever retiring. You put into words that which most of us feel, but we can't express it in your inimitable style.


    Keep buggering on!

  6. Keep tapping away, please – it's good to know one is not the only one disgusted by certain things that truly seem to be of global proportions.

  7. As one of those who've been commenting on this site for many a long year (somewhere around late 2006?) I can honestly state that I have always enjoyed every post I've read and I've read all of them. Considering you started this lark sometime in October 2006 and close to 13 years have passed since then it's no wonder you feel the way you do.

    However, despite the fact you might be feeling that your personal horizons have shrunk a bit(?) (boy, do I know that feeling) there's still plenty of rambles left and fodder to fuel them and there are lot's of folks who would enjoy reading them. Doesn't matter what the subject is.

    "A funny thing happened on the way to the loo", sounds like a good title?

  8. I'm one of those Merkans who love your blog. Somebody has to tell it like it is and you do it in a grand way. Don't stop tapping, please. 


    • Welcome B!  In the Bad Old Days most of my visitors were from across the Atlantic.  I think I may have insulted them too much though as you lot have sunk to second place behind the UK.  Very few come from Ireland for some strange reason?!

    • Welcome Felipe!  GranPaddy?  That the first time I have been called that.  Grandad to the Irish Nation?  I could live with that…

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