Just make sure the surgeon is sober — 7 Comments

  1. Next time I see a man dressed as a woman, I'm calling him a "Wan".


    But is this an Irish term, or was the nurse just very pale?

    • It's a little bit over the top all right.  I wouldn't have minded too much if we were all invited for drinks after…..

  2. After a spell in my youth working in public health, and more recently accompanying my oldies through numerous midnight adventures in hospitals, I've got a lot of respect for overworked nurses and the crap they take from Saturday night drunks, etc., but that one's taking the piss.

    Insulting the patient would never happen in private health care, but even in public health, the staff are paid for and working for us, while if I understand it correctly youse Irish folk have to pay through the nose for some fairly routine  health treatment. But then, guess it's not like a snotty shop assistant in some chain store, where you just bawl them out, never go back to that chain again and advise your mates to do the same.

  3. "Insulting the patient would never happen in private health care"  Hah!  Believe it or not, the Beacon is private.  Public health would have been free [?] but would probably have involved a five to ten year wait and we would probably not be entitled to anaesthetic!

    Public healthcare isn't too bad here if you don't mind waiting years for your procedure and are not averse to sleeping on a trolley in a corridor.  Private health ensures more or less instant treatment but costs [us] over four grand a year.

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