New tunnel for Cork — 21 Comments

  1. That’s what you get for having an SUV. Get yourself a decent car and you can drive for days without filling up.

  2. Pushbikes are allowed. No problem. However you must be aware that there will be a minimum speed limit of 100kmph [that’s around 60mph, in old money], so you will need to be reasonably fit.

  3. My car will never make it that far without a full time mechanic in the back and a boot full of spare parts – bloody Punto

  4. No. For a start, it would make the map a bit messy, and they would then have to have borders at each end of the country [we’d be like a sandwich]. And anyway, the tunnel is going from Cork, so we can’t give that away.

  5. But that is the beauty of the system. You put your car in neutral, and let the vehicle behind push you through. You’ll be there in no time.
    Either that, or change your car?

  6. not my city. there are no straight streets in my city.

    my city, st. paul, was famously laid out “by drunken irishmen.” so said our former governor, Jesse “the body” ventura on the david letterman show one night.

    people were outraged! how dare he say that! that’s racism! but those of us of irish descent just sort of nodded quietly and poured ourselves another guinness….

  7. Will there be another immigrant camp where they go to crazy lengths to get into – yes, into – Ireland on the French side? It wouldn’t be the same without some Romanian strapped to the axle of my car …

  8. Hello Grandad,

    Do you think there is a chance for me to open a McDonald’s at the Scilly stop? You could pull in there for burgers and fries ( No need for a rest room due to the 10 hour restriction on eating or drinking.)

    Let me know so I can load up my Hummer Limo with food and get started.


  9. I just hope they build a tunnel from Blarney to wherever on the coast the tunnel lands. I don’t want to be inconvenienced by going through the city.

  10. Oh God! The Americans are at it again – they see a bit of land and they want to open a McDonalds on it straight away.
    No Nancy. Go away. We can’t have drivers all collapsing from heart attacks in the tunnel. It wouldn’t be good for business.

  11. Donnacha – they are cutting 13 hours off the trip and you moan about a bit of city driving? Stop being such a wuss. [My daughter taught me that word!]

  12. Sorry Dario – I missed your comment.
    No. There is no need for an Immigrant Camp on the French side. They’ll come anyway, as we don’t seem to have any restrictions like the English.
    And if any manage to walk 470Km through a dark tube full of cars driving at 120Kmph, then they are more than welcome. We need people with that level of fitness, bravery and stupidity.

  13. Grandad,

    Okay,so I got the thumbs down on the McDonalds
    at the Scilly stop. How about a Bangers and Mash shop?
    Fish and chips?

    By the way,Grandad, how are people supposed to
    breathe in this 470 km. long tunnel? Just asking.


  14. Fish and Chips – OK.
    Don’t ask me about breathing. It’s the government’s idea. Ask them. It’s the kind of thing they wouldn’t think of all right.

  15. Okay, Grandad, the Hummer gets loaded with Fish and Chips
    and I’m on my way.

    Also, if travelers are being told to hold their “you know what” for
    so many hours, maybe they can hold their breath,too!

  16. No ‘Hummers’ – Ford Transit please.
    As for the other – I wouldn’t know about these things 😉

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