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  1. Meanwhiles Scottish nanny has introduced the minimum price for alcohol to solve ‘their epidemic’ and going with the ‘will of the people.

    Before introducing the Minimum Unit Price, Scottish Ministers ran a public consultation to gather views from people, businesses, public bodies and interested parties about the Scottish Government’s preferred price of 50 pence per unit of alcohol.  This  ran from 1 December 2017 to 26 January 2018. The consultation received a total number of 130 responses , 70 of these responded to the proposed price directly. Of these 70, 52 (74.3%) indicated that they are in favour of the 50 pence Minimum Unit Price. Sixty-four of the 70 respondents (91.4%) who commented on the proposed price are either in favour of a 50 pence per unit minimum price or a higher Minimum Unit Price.

    So much for the illusion of democracy.

    And in England there are a pair of twats chatting to Parliament about Englands obesity epidemic.

    • I don’t know how anyone can take that slug seriously.  He admits himself that he’s a stone overweight which is a great advertisement and an example to follow.   I notice constant references in his speech to “we” and “our children” as if we are all big happy family.  I wouldn’t let him within a mile of the Grandkids in case some of his slime transferred.  He can fuck off right up his own arse.

  2. Even worse, today Scotland starts Minimum Alcohol Pricing – that’s not even a tax (which might be spent on useful things, but probably not), it just puts extra money into the pockets of the suppliers.    Wonder who’s picking up the ‘bungs’ from that?

    The minimum price of a bottle of wine becomes £4.88 – you can currently buy many different types from around £2.99 upwards in around 20p steps.  Will all those currently under £4.88 now start to £4.88, or will the scale differentiation still apply, thus guaranteeing extra takings from every bottle?   It’s madness.

    I’m thinking of setting up a booze business with branches in Carlisle and Berwick – anyone out there fancy investing?

  3. Grandad,
    “We are all together in fighting that evil empire of Big…”
    How about we all join together in fighting that evil empire of Big governments?

  4. Then there is this lunatic asylum funded and sadly I am not kidding, to the tune of 1 billion pounds sterling.

    Unfuckingbelievable, but true. And it is not the largest.

    How we are funded
    We are funded by an endowment – currently around £1 billion. As the second largest endowed foundation in the UK focusing on health, we spend around £30 million a year on improving health and health care.

    • There are astronomical sums to be made out of the “public health” racket.  One day the public are going to wake up to the scam.  Roll on that day…..

    • A bit personal and maybe not fully on topic but…………

      Because of my current situation I’ve been looking at funding. I’m disgusted.

      Billions go direct from Big Government etc. to their favoured Big Health Friends and I discover that Pancreatic Cancer, ranking 4th in the annual causes of cancer deaths receives only 2% of available funding. The incredibly low survival rates have remained stagnant over the past 40 years. In contrast I have the greatest respect for a small charity(PCRF) I found and intend to support as much as possible. They rely purely on public donations, manage to raise a mere £1 million a year and fund around 8 research projects each year. Despite small money and the risk of personal/professional failure members of these innovative projects have already resulted in at least two major breakthroughs.

      For all the so-called progress being made it just goes to show that Big Health will not risk our Big Money on difficult challenges when they can so profitably chase the Big easy headline.

    • The Obesity Policy Coalition?  Jayzus – talk about ganging up on the poor population.

          • More for Rockall.

            We develop and articulate food policies that support and guide the UK public to make choices that improve their health and well-being and we inform and generate demand for new and better public and private sector policy and practice.

            Perhaps simply defunding the wankers would work?

  5. I could guess it but would still like to read K8’s take on this nannying  stuff seen as she has one leg in the state as paramedic and the other still in plaster, presumably, and repairing well one hopes. Perhaps a guest post worthy of reading?

    • They have already had a pogrom of plastics at my works canteen Doonhammer. used to have wee plastic cups I could have a cuppa out of, last week they all disappeared, I asked one of the lovely catering maids WTF was going on – “all we skipped them all” WHY? I asked – “because of the Enviroment or something…” (she didn’t look that convinced either) I shouted “BOLLOCKS” and laughed hearitly. Anyway she was nice enough to supply me with a cardboard takeaway cup with a PLASTIC lid!

      So thats about 3 full catering sized boxes of plastic cups that went into landfill to save some little fishes lifes that might gorge on them, what a fucking fiasco!

  6. I hope this doesn’t give any other government any ideas but in Canada our leaders were running out of excuses for why they had to raise the taxes on booze every few years. For our own good of course. They came up with an ingenious solution. In 2017 they introduced a new law that says booze taxes are to go up automatically each and every year on April 1 in line with inflation. Ad infinitum. Needless to say, this current ruling Liberal Party doesn’t stand a chance of being re-elected in the 2019 election.

    • I wouldn’t bet on it. I also wouldn’t bet on whichever ship of fools gets to run Canada in 2019 rolling back the auto update taxes. They will use it as a working model for moar tax, its all government can do. The precedent has been set Canadians are screwed.

    • Ireland already has a system whereby tobacco automatically has to increase above the rate of inflation.

    • Vindictive they may be, but at least those are proper ‘taxes’, they produce money for government which means the government doesn’t have to raise that cash elsewhere from other imposts.

      Minimum alcohol pricing is simply a device which allows the suppliers to charge vastly more than it costs to produce and sell, with no benefit for anyone apart from the shareholders of the various brewers and distillers – plus, of course, anyone in the law-makers who’s partial to the odd appreciative ‘bung’.

      • You lost me at Vindictive. Don’t bother trying to explain. A tax is a tax. Other than governments I’m not aware of anyone that likes paying taxes of any kind.

  7. Ever since they started on about this minimum pricing malarkey in Scotland, I’ve wondered why they’ve decided to increase prices this way instead of the tried-and-true “sin tax” policy, as applied to tobacco and, now, sugar. As Mudplugger says, the only people to benefit from this are the drinks suppliers, and it’s highly unusual for any Government, anywhere, to pass legislation which effectively causes price increases that doesn’t line their own pockets at the same time. So why the divergence in this instance? Any ideas anyone?

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