The Force be with you May — 18 Comments

    • It makes for an interesting life.  If every day was the same it would be tedious.

      Thought for the day:-  Is the expression “Life’s a bitch” sexist?  Just curious……

  1. As I’m an emancipated and “weathered” female, my first reaction would be “no” …

    But I stand to be corrected 😉

    • It’s just that everything seems to come under the microscope these days to see if it offends someone.  “Bitch”, being of a female connotation will probably offend someone [who has strayed from their “safe space”] and will result in demands for something.

  2. Try putting the cat down the toilet, and then flushing. Even if it doesn’t unblock the toilet, it’s enjoyable

    • Done.

      All I have now is a blocked toilet and a very wet smelly pissed off cat.

      You’re right about it being enjoyable though.

      • There is double satisfaction in that you will also have annoyed the cats’ protection league (or whatever they are called)

  3. No offense meant, just an observation or maybe just a question:

    is this an exclusive male site with exclusive male jokes?

        • Good grief NO!!!  This is strictly a gender neutral site.  everyone is welcome [except maybe for the odd troll]. Sorry if my gender reference confused you.  It wasn’t directed at you at all – just a casual random thought.  I do that sometimes.

          Bill’s reference to Supershadow may be a little confusing  unless you have been here for a while.  SS is a character [gender unknown] who writes to me personally and I can never resist answering his [her?  Its?] mails here.

  4. I was under the impression that the state of Ireland was ahem bought bailed out saved taken over by ECB sleight of hand a few years back, could be wrong I often am, but where is the sense in this story?

    Ireland faces fines of €600m a year from the EU for failing to meet renewable energy targets and cutting carbon emissions by 2020.

    New, more ambitious targets for 2030 do not let Ireland off the hook for the 2020 measures, it has emerged.


  5. “…but the birdsong makes it worthwhile…”

    Assuming the birds in the Isle of Erin are the same as our Brit birds, you do realise that they’re territorial little sods, and that sweet song translates as “Come into my patch, you spawny-eyed wazzock, and I’ll rip yer entrails out, strangle you with some of ’em, and shove the others up yer arse!”

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