There is Raccoon poop on Death’s Door Step…Again — 47 Comments

  1. I’m glad to learn that Anna is still beating the odds. She is an extraordinary woman in so many respects.

    • A word that is much overused and abused these days, but in this case I think it appropriate – Inspirational.

      • Credit also goes to a long term lurker on AR’s blog and close friend of mine who proof read, and also to your good self for risking the good name of your blog by posting it (Putin will not be impressed!).

  2. Thank you so much for this, I have been wondering how Anna was. She really is a miracle, it’s wonderful that her daughter is back in her life and hopefully will appreciate her indomitable mother. Give Anna my best wishes, I really miss her blog and all the regulars there. Thanks again.



    • Johnny ‘-Needle Season’  Johnny?

      I emailed the piece to AR for her approval   before sending it to Granddad -having first asked her permisson to write it of course. And she replied by email shortly thereafter. I mention that because she almost never goes online/checks her email these days (other real life friends have even taken to writing her actual proper letters she says). So I am hoping there is a chance she will feel up to reading the comments here-at some point and will see for herself the good wishes.

  3. What great news. I often thought about AR and wondered how she was getting on. As they say, “hierba mala nunca muere” loosely translated as, you just can’t get rid of weeds. More power to your crocheting elbow, Ana!

  4. Beautifully written piece, TBD, on a very moving story. Anna continues to amaze, and my very best wishes go to her.

    • “Beautifully written piece, TBD”

      Thank you. Coming from you- whose mastery of English is complete-that is high praise indeed. I may not always like what you have to say but, dear God, you say it so well!

  5. That’s perked me no end (after a dreary tough working day).  It’s so good to know she’s not going/gone quietly into that night, but still here perplexing the medics.

    Your unique blogging efforts and your indomitable spirit will stay forever in my heart, Anna.  God bless you.

  6. Thank you for this much-needed update; it’s great to know that Raccoon continues to confound the medical establishment. I’m reminded of a family friend; she told a visitor in hospital  “I’ve had a slight heart attack”, nodded towards a group of doctors and added “so THEY say”.

  7. Thank you for this – I have a very broad smile on my face now. Long may the Raccoon confound the medics!!

  8. Hopefully Miss R. may read this. I had, long ago, feared the worst. Many times I read the posts, and relished in the fact that that made me think, and therefore, be a better person. I have, really, no words. May your God, or whatever/ whoever keeps you here with us, carry on doing it for a time to come.  An inspiration to everyone. X.

  9. Thank you. I had wondered how she was doing so please pass on my best wishes to Anna and Mr G.

  10. What a pleasant surprise to read not only that Ms Raccoon is still with us, and still compos mentis, but may have a reconciliation to look forward to. Many thanks for this update.

  11. I am so glad to hear this news.  I miss your scribblings terribly, and often think of you, wondering how you are.   My best wishes to you dear Anna, and to Mr. G.  I am envious I cannot sit down with a cup of tea with you, and laugh with you over your stories.


  12. Thanks for this very welcome update, TBD, the reunion mentioned at the end of the piece a nice flick of the finger directed towards the nutters… but quite moving too.

    If Anna happens to drop by then she’ll see how she is missed. x


    P.S. And it’s good to see some familiar names commenting here. 

  13. How about another familiar face Bandini? 

    First time I’ve been near a computer in weeks, but just read this and thank you all for your comments – thought I’d had my chips after yet another bout of radiotherapy last week and the twit of a doctor that I’ve only seen twice in two years was here on the end of the bed every time I woke up for a bloody week – had a worse effect than finding the parish priest there…..

    But yet again – more come backs than Liberace – I’m gradually popping back up again to say I miss you all and my son and my daughter are just wonderful, beautiful.. xxxxxxxx

    • It’s lovely to hear from you, Anna. 

      Spring on its way, long-dormant bulbs throwing out tentative shoots… hmmm, could almost be a metaphor for summat or other. Enjoy your family! All the best.



  14. Lovely to hear from you Anna, I thought you had stopped treatment but glad to hear you are still hanging on and defying the odds. Especially wonderful to hear you have made your peace with your children. Take care. Carol x

  15. What a delight to see the avatar of our beloved landlady!  Brava!

    I don’t know whether Anna has ever addressed herself to the Oldfield case itself — a monumental carriage of injustice (notice the placement of the negative).

    Given the effort she put in to countering the appalling treatment to which so many have been subject in the politically motivated pursuit of any-one that might (even vaguely) be vulnerable to an accusation of sexual misconduct, I think she deserves at least a mention in dispatches as the name of Maurice Oldfield — so long the subject of everything from innuendo to outright calumny — is finally cleared:

    (I put up a tweet including ‘#AnnaRaccoon’ but I’ve no idea what happens to tweets.


  16. So pleased to find this update and even more pleased to see the Raccoon avatar again. Peace to you Anna Raccoon x

    • Tracy, you may be even more pleased to learn I saw her a hour or so ago and she is still hanging on in there, still pissing off the Grim Reaper.

      • Today the AR news is particularly good. Can’t say more than that, the infamous AR embargo etc but things were a bit iffy healthwise (that’s Brit understament btw) with her last week; today she seems quite herself again. So anyone reading this might like to hold off moon pigging ‘Sorry For Your Loss’ cards for Mr G. I did say the ‘clever money’ was on her making that social engagement in May -no matter what the medicos say. 

  17. Good to hear Anna is holding on, thanks for the updates and send my best wishes x

  18. An urgent appeal to whoever registered [and presumably set up the site], or if anyone knows who that person is.

    Could you please get get in touch with either myself or Anna Raccoon?

    You won’t regret it!


  19. NEWSFLASH: The Raccoon Arms is open once again! or use the old ‘.com’ address and it should take you there.

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