Pulling the wings off flies — 4 Comments

  1. We know what we can do about it.

    Apart from sounding altogether sinister and threatening, is that the royal We he’s using?

    • He thinks he speaks for the entire population apparently.  Megalomania is no stranger to the Anti-Smokers.

  2. I wonder if people generally are just sick and fed up with being bombarded with statistics and the doom and gloom that they portray? If they are not, then they should be. Always the same blather; always the same justifications: “WE” ….. blah, blah. Anyone who doesn’t see that the use of taxation to achieve a statistical target which “WE” wish to achieve is cruelty, ought to think about their own pleasures. Is that message beginning to get through to ‘the masses’? 

  3. What a lot of bullshit. Raising tobacco taxes in Australia hasn’t led to a decrease in smoking. What it has led to is a large chunk of the tobacco market being controlled by guys with Glocks. And on the other side of the equation an increase in tax money spent in trying to police the illicit trade. High tobacco tax has led to another farce like the failed “war on drugs”. The AFP now have a squad dedicated full time to policing black market tobacco. From the busy-body state springs the chaos state / police state.

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