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  1. From your revamped about page: (which fills the bill nicely by the way)

    I don't know why I started this writing lark and even more baffling – I don't know why I continue.

    I believe you stated once that you started this "lark" on a bet that you couldn't start up a blog and keep with it for a full year–or something like that. And as to why you continue? For your adoring fans, of course. What else?

  2. Looking at that picture of your dog, and her antics, such as shitting on the gravel driveway, (mine does the same, what's that about?) , I'm convinced our dogs must be related, somehow, somewhere, although my dog is of that rare breed, (maybe not so rare), parentus indetermindus . Just thought I'd share her pic 🙂

    • That is a remarkable coincidence.  Penny is a Perentus Indeterminus too.  We were told she is a Lurcher, but she is too damned lazy to do any lurching.

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