How to use Twitter — 10 Comments

  1. I have a twitter account. Interestingly the only follower I have is Gordon Brown, the monocular twat that used to run the UK.

    • Aw diddums!  Let me know what you go under and I'll follow you.  I'd feel really special if I were in a unique relationship with Gordon Brown.

  2. You'll be pleased to know then, GD, that I made no mention of valentine's day on Twitter. In fact I can't even remember if I logged on yesterday.


  3. I've never really had a problem using Twitter. I just don't use it. This may seem strange to some since I have not just one but two Twitter accounts floating around somewhere in cyberspace. Both are long abandoned and probably just husks of their former selves which isn't saying much since I probably used each of them all of 10 minutes or so before getting fed up with it.

    Perhaps I'll have another look but it'll probably mean setting up a third account that I can eventually abandon since I can't seem to recall the login credentials of the other two.

    They say that three is complete?

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