A pox on their houses

There is a debate that has been rumbling on for a while in the background.

Should kids be vaccinated for Measles, Mumps and Rubella?

The debate has got somewhat overheated in spots and I have even seen one commentator [who I highly respect normally, but no names – no pack drill] suggest that all those who refuse the vaccination should be moved to the back end of beyond where they can't infect the rest of the world.

My views are quite simple.  Parents should be given the full facts and left to decide for themselves.

Unfortunately, it isn't that simple.

I have an ingrained distrust of Big Pharma.  I also have a major problem with the insertion of any substance into my bloodstream when I don't know exactly what is in that substance. 

It is difficult to reach my age without having come across a prescription for pills and potions at some stage on the way.  I grant that the majority of those pills and potions had the required results but on occasion I have had major problems with side effects.  For example, I am taking regular medication now for a problem that was directly caused by another prescription which I have long since ceased taking.  I know of another example where a medication very nearly caused severe [and permanent] paralysis of the legs.  Fortunately in that case the prescription was withdrawn but only on the insistence of the victim.  Big Pharma plays down the latter side effect but a quick search on-line will produce hundreds of cases where permanent damage has been done.  [just do a search for "statins" and "Peripheral neuropathy"]

We just don't know what effect these foreign bodies will have on our system.  Big Pharma bleats on about the wonderful benefits of their produce but they naturally try to hide the nasties.  There are enormous profits to be made from medication and naturally they don't want to damage sales.   Unfortunately Big Pharma is in the business of making profits and not, as they claim for benefiting the public, so I have an innate distrust of anything they claim.

Even assuming that the vaccinations are 100% beneficial with no side effects whatsoever, there is still the principle that no one should have the right to force someone to inject any foreign substance.  I object strenuously to the fact that I am forced to ingest fluoride and chlorine in my drinking water and I would equally resent the idea that I should be forced to inject something against my will.

Parents should be given the facts – and I mean all the facts – and then left to decide for themselves whether vaccinations are for them and their children.

Personally speaking, the welfare of my child is far more important to me than "the common good".

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A pox on their houses — 19 Comments

  1. When I was a chizzler a long time ago we didn't get vaccinated against measles. Instead there were outbreaks of measles and – yippee – the schools were closed for up to a week. Those of us with measles were confined to bed and offered large mugs of warmed red lemonade a few times a day to help us sweat all kinds of bugs out of our systems. No sums; no Irish irregular verbs; no multiplication & division 'problems'; no memorisation of English poems. I don't know anything about mumps and rubella; but I don't think my generation of primary school kids had many regrets about the relationship between measles, hot red lemonade and unexpected school closures.

  2. Funny thing about statins, I have been on them for years after a mini stroke with no side effects at all. Yet I know a lot of people do suffer and can't take them. I wonder why that is? 

    • Simply because no two bodies are the same.  It just goes to show how a "one size fits all" approach is risky at best and possibly downright dangerous.

  3. The big problem is where one takes several drugs at the same time.   Tests have 'proved' that each individual drug is harmless to everything other than the one thing for which it is designed, BUT (and it is a big BUT) tests have NOT been carried out to see if one drug is not affected by another.

    The MMR combined vaccine can affect children.    What I cannot understand why it is not possible to have three separate injections, one month apart for each of the three diseases.


  4. When they create a vaccine for stupidity they should inject anyone who shows signs of wanting to be 'in government' no matter what their age.

  5. Can't understand why those who vaccinate keep hammering those who don't. If you have vaccinated your kids they won't get sick – what's the problem. Bitchin' for the sake of bitchin'.

    • I think the problem here is that the vaccination is not 100% successful and your vaccinated child can still get measles from an unvaccinated child. If all children were vaccinated then there would not be a problem as the herd immunity would take care of it

      • But if the vaccinations aren't 100% successful and there are risks involved, I would take that as an even more valid reason not to avail of them?

          • Interesting, and fairly convincing.  However I still maintain that no one has a right to force me to eat, drink, [smoke] or inject anything according to their whims and fancies.  It's my body [or my child's] and I should have the ultimate say.  I am more important to me than the "common good".

            • I agree with you in general  as what's to stop them chipping babies when they're born against the parents consent.


              However people can currently afford to not vaccinate their kids now because their kids are generally safe as most of the population is vaccinated. Do we really want Polio to make a comeback? If you don't,  then vaccination is a must

                • No, apply an element of compulsion as well.

                  If you leave important medical decisions up to people with no knowhow in that field, and not enough smarts to develop any, then kids go unvaccinated, and herd immunity drops. When this happens, kids catch measles and whatnot, and some die from it whilst others are crippled for life.

                  These deaths and disabilities are completely preventable, by enforcing vaccinations on pretty much everybody. If you let idiots make their own minds up, some choose wrong and piss in the pot for everyone else.

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