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  1. Congratulations on reaching extreme old age, have a very happy day.  Make it complete by dumping the new phone in the nearest bin and buying a very cheap model (less than £10) with which you can still make telephone calls without the hassle.  At your age, you might find it easier to operate.  I know I did.

  2. I'm gonna have to email you on this one.

    Anyway, an early Happy Birthday and all from myself. Stay healthy and of sound mind. Yours is the only blog I visit these days ya' know. If you suddenly disappear one day then I might as well shut down the computer for good.

    Oh, and have fun with your new "smart" phone. Ain't birthdays a joy though?

    • I meant to leave a snarkey comment on your last post [about trolls] but when I went there it was gone.  It came back a while later though and I had forgotten what I was going to say.  I just went to find it again and once more it's missing.  I clicked on Home and there it was!  Stop messing me around!  [I think there may be a glitch in the feed or something]

      • Oh, bloody hell! (actually one of my favorite curses) It was my own idiocy.

        First, it took me 3 damn days to write the thing. I threw out my already busted back the snow storm before last and I could only sit at my computer desk for about ten minutes at a time. So I had to remember to hit "Save draft" and not "Publish" every time I added a bit. I forgot to do so just once and published the thing before it was done.

        Second, it took a few minutes before I realized my mistake. I only remembered when I saw that the "Publish" button had turned to "Update". I quickly turned the post back to "Draft" status hence it's first disappearance.

        Third, I meant to change the part of the title from "comment trolls" to "Internet trolls" before publishing since it's the more commonly accepted term for those idiotic ass hats. But I said to hell with it and changed it anyway after I published by mistake the first time hence the second "disappearance" from your RSS reader.

        Anyway, I published it for good yesterday afternoon–I think. I'm not sure about anything that happened during that time anymore. So please feel free to leave a snarky comment. The other ones who emailed me about the same thing you mentioned said it was a good post but didn't bother to leave their comments just in case it disappeared again.

        Can't say that I blame them any.

        By the way, this comment may disappear at any moment.

  3. Oh, by the way. I wonder, since it's your birthday and all and you've reached a new milestone in life (if I guess your age correctly), how about updating the old "About" page since a few things are out-of-date if you know what I mean. I figure on this particular birthday (if I guess your age correctly that is) it might be appropriate since you've reached age (that is, if I guessed it correctly) where the majority of folks these days probably think that you're out-of-date as well.

    Little do they know.

    Oh, and I fat-fingered the wrong email address into my previous comment hence the incorrect avatar. First time for everything and all that. Perhaps I'm out-of-date as well?

      • I actually miss Sandy as well. Both mine and yours (especially her Snady posts). But I didn't mean to bring up any unhappy memories at all. Sorry about that.

        • As it happens, I was trawling through some photographs and came across a whole load of Sandy ones. Happy memories.  I still think of her a lot, but Penny makes sure I don't dwell!

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