Getting stoned

A couple of weeks ago I mentioned I was weeding the driveway.

I managed to clear all the weeds and dog-shit off it and raked it into a reasonable semblance of tidiness.

I decided though that the gravel was a bit thin in spots and that it might be a good idea to add a bit of gravel to thicken things up a bit.  I ordered a ton of the stuff.

The lorry arrived yesterday.  It was a fucking huge lorry and the driver barely made it up the lane [and I had been meaning to trim those overhanging branches anyway].  It had one of those hydraulic arms on the back and that's when the fun began.

Many years ago the telephone company erected a pole opposite my gate.  There must be a shortage of them or something because they only put up one, and there is a veritable spiders-web of black wires flying off in all directions to all the houses around.  Naturally the hydraulic arm became tangled in  them.  I was particularly concerned about the one that crosses into the next-door neighbour's house as that's the one I tapped into and I don't want to lose my connection.  So I had to climb into the back of the lorry [which involved two ladders – I said the lorry was big] and found myself in a vast space of steel with one solitary bag of gravel in the middle of it.  Anyhows, I held up the wires with a pole while Yer Man fiddled with his hydraulics.

The is now a huge canvas bag full of gravel in the front garden.  It's bigger than I expected and it's really heavy.  It must weigh a fucking ton.  Now it all has to be dug out with a shovel and spread around the driveway, which is going to take a while and some not inconsiderable effort.

I reckon she'll have it finished by the weekend though, at the rate she's going.

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Getting stoned — 3 Comments

  1. Finished by the weekend? Blimey, GD, she's a bit slow isn't she? I'd invest in a rawhide whip, if I were you; the Egyptians used them to great effect when they were building the pyramids, so I understand.

    • She finished the job last night.  Bless her but she has great muscles.  That can be a good thing but it can be a bad thing too………

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