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  1. I knew something was going seriously wrong when the seemingly entire British public succumbed to wailing and despair following Diana's early bath. The transparent Bliar milked it for all he was worth and letting Elton John loose at the funeral redined the word 'cringeworthy'. 

    • That Diana thing was an almost perfect example of mass hysteria.  Even now they say a photograph of her on the cover of a magazine guarantees huge sales. 

      The highlight of that funeral was the brother having a go at the monarchy!

  2. I had a grudging respect for Albert – he wasn't a career politician – he was mocked by the chattering classes for making his money from dance halls and pet food – and he wasn't afraid to go his own way

  3. Have you any views on the Cat and Dog foods manufactured by the late great Albert Reynolds's thriving company? What does Penny think? Also, did you and Herself ever go to a dancehall owned or managed by the eminent statesman? Pet lovers and dancers must have their memories to share at this sad moment in Irish political history.

    • Hah!  I don't even know what dog food he manufactured.  If it was tinned, then Penny can't comment – she's a dry-food-dog.

      Myself and Herself at a dance?  You must be joking…..

  4. This is one of those posts that’s strictly Irish in nature that I cannot relate to in anyway, shape or form. However, I wish to take this time to tell you that if you fall off your perch before I do, I’ll definitely notice. I’ll even miss you a bit.

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