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  1. I just had a burger am currently in a car in Dublin and will soon be on a plane so iv likely died 4 times already from a heart attack ebola and terrorist attack

  2. At the middle-age of sixty-seven I've come to the conclusion that what's going to kill us all is choking to death on the undigested all- important- this- year means- nothing -next studies that with only a casual prusal can prove definitely that red meat, alcohol, cheese, seafood, vegetables and tree bark can/can't affect your expectancy of a long and happy life. But they never say anything about buses. 

  3. And how did I get a stars and stripes ? I'm an Irish man living in Canada so either a tricolour or a maple leaf would be appreciated.

  4. Breathing is fatal. Everyone who breathes will die. if everyone would just stop breathing, after a few minutes the death rate would drop to zero. 

  5. It's breakfast time here and I'm indulging in my usual workaday meal: a two egg, cheddar cheese and bacon sandwhich annointed with a touch of mayo and a double sprinkling of garlic salt, washed down with coffee I brewed 4 hours ago.

    'round 10ish I'll go have a sip of water to equal things out…

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