The meat of the matter — 13 Comments

  1. I just had a burger am currently in a car in Dublin and will soon be on a plane so iv likely died 4 times already from a heart attack ebola and terrorist attack

  2. At the middle-age of sixty-seven I've come to the conclusion that what's going to kill us all is choking to death on the undigested all- important- this- year means- nothing -next studies that with only a casual prusal can prove definitely that red meat, alcohol, cheese, seafood, vegetables and tree bark can/can't affect your expectancy of a long and happy life. But they never say anything about buses. 

  3. And how did I get a stars and stripes ? I'm an Irish man living in Canada so either a tricolour or a maple leaf would be appreciated.

  4. I've been wary of the Big Banger theory, so now I'll just fry small bangers for winter breakfast.

  5. Breathing is fatal. Everyone who breathes will die. if everyone would just stop breathing, after a few minutes the death rate would drop to zero. 

    • I have made that suggestion before to the anti-smokers, seeing as they are supposed to hate the smell of smoke so much.

  6. It's breakfast time here and I'm indulging in my usual workaday meal: a two egg, cheddar cheese and bacon sandwhich annointed with a touch of mayo and a double sprinkling of garlic salt, washed down with coffee I brewed 4 hours ago.

    'round 10ish I'll go have a sip of water to equal things out…

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