Translating the politicians — 11 Comments

  1. Enda Kenny says “Remember you are not responsible, it is not your fault……….”

    Enda Kenny means ” but you will pay for it anyway

  2. spot on! next time i listen to the news (now everthings worth selling) it will make far more sense

  3. Not Green – Really the rule can safely apply to anything and everything they say.  They are denying categorically that there are discussions about a further bailout……  So apparently it is imminent.

    Cat – Our John  is a wise man.  Of course the politicians may cop onto this and start speaking the truth.  That would really confuse everyone.

  4. I have for years been saying that almost every politician is a criminal look at any country and tell me I’m wrong.
    “We work for you”………………………..we steal everything we can for yourself.
    ” A No vote for the Lisbon Treaty will mean loss of jobs”……………..dont even get me started on that one.

  5. Great guest post and a very good point made- and well made. It is true that politicians are intended as middle managers conveying the impression that subjects are open to debate but it is primarily pre-arranged theatre.
    John’s theory that one should reverse all politician’s statements in order to get at the essential truth is a sound one I suspect.

  6. Keep translating the cliches of politicians, John. I really like this bit in your hard-hitting piece:

    Politician:  “I have dedicated my life to public service”.
    What it means:  “The public will serve me for the rest of my life, if I can get away with it“.


  7. Jedrzej – I didn’t personally hear him say it, but it is widely reported that he did. 

    The full context of his statement –

    All Irish people believe that a man’s house is his castle. It is morally unjust and unfair to tax a person’s home. [This tax] reminds me of a vampire tax in that it drives a stake through the heart of home initiative, and sucks the life blood of people who want to own their own home

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