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  1. my other likes to smoke those wee thin flavoured cigars..used to come with a filter but the powers that be thought that the filters made them look “more appealing to children” so now they can’t be sold with filters…@.@ damn government oh and all smokes be they cigs or cigars are behind closed doors and in drawers so “children cannot see them and find them appealing”…..@.@ again

  2. I get what you are saying but it is a fact that advertising works. And I hate seeing young kids starting up on a lifetime of smoking; as I did.

  3. TT – I don’t dent that advertising works but I would query whether package design could be classed as “advertising”.  I would class it as “brand identity” where one packet can easily be distinguished from another.  When a display case contains a large number of brands, and usually displayed several feet from the customer, there is little there to persuade a selection of a particular brand.

    That aside, the supposed purpose of the packaging ban is to prevent “children” from starting.  I put “children” in quotes, as the only people who can legally buy cigarettes are the over 18s, who are in fact adults.  Underage children who start smoking do not do so because of glitzy displays.  They do so because their friends are doing it, and I can guarantee that brand choice is purely and solely decided by peer pressure.

    I would also like to point out that the Righteous don’t give a flying fuck about children.  This is just another move to further stigmatise and marginalise smokers.  If they cared so much about children, why did they force smokers to abandon pubs [no children] thereby forcing them to stay at home [with the children]?

  4. The name gives my brand of choice away .. and I stuck with the brand even when they changed the classier old pack design to the tackier new one … I do use a cigarette case now, a proper nice one, not a box to hide the box – not because of the design, but the god awful pictures and warnings… as I refuse to advertise their scaremongering.. and so should ALL smokers.

    @ grandad … to right .. I suspect childern see more smokers now than ever they did, we are on display as never before…

  5. You might also add Granddad that as of last year, by law now, cigarettes in the shops have to be hidden behind a plain screen, and are thus invisible anyway.

  6. Plain packaging? Yup, sure worked well for beer and porno magazines. Cut things right back, uh-huh. Any other bright ideas?

  7. Dunhillbabe – Welcome!  I’m a pipe smoker myself and unfortunately, I rarely get to see those masterpieces of Photoshopping as they aren’t as common on pipe tobacco pouches here.  Surely most people keep their cigarettes in their pockets or handbags anyway?

    TT – Personally, I object to these fanatics dragging us down into that grey drab world that they seem to inhabit.  I will object strenuously to every snide little move they try to make.  If that sounds childish, it is simply because I am being treated like a child. 

    John – That is a valid logical point.  Since when have the Puritans used logic though?

    Kirk M – Didn’t know you were into the porno mags?  I learn something new every day!

  8. What a ridiculous twat Stephen Williams is – I agree the comments are are the best part of that blog.
    I think my first memory of buying one cigarette was a Woodbine?!
    There was also another cheap brand but the name escapes me.
    We also used to be able to buy them in packs of five and they were smaller and cheaper than the “big” cigarettes.

  9. Ahh yes 9 years old at the tuck shop on the way to school. “Hey Mista, sell us a ciggy and a match.”    “There you go son. Enjoy! Don’t be late for school now.”                                       Nostalgia. Almost worth the emphysema and lung cancer.

  10. I believe the year after I left school they started to allow smoking in the senior’s common room.  They were the enlightened times

  11. Dead wrong. These are the enlightened times. Those were the dark, and I might add smokey dark, ages.

  12. Which is better?  To have the seniors out behind the bicycle shed handing out fags to all the juniors, or to give them their own space away from the juniors?

  13. Welcome, Tipple!  I see the Lib Dems are against the idea of Mayors, yet he [a Lib Dem] can’t announce his candidature quick enough.  Frankly he comes across as an arrogant power hungry little creep.  I hope for Bristol’s sake he doesn’t get in.  I’m very fond of Bristol having spent some time there.  Very happy memories!

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