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  1. It was done in the States last year.  Fire brigade arrived at a house and when the residents told them that there was no fire insurance they stood back and watched the house burn.  

    Let’s be honest and say that we’d all prefer that our firemen collect their wages and stay safely  in the Firehouse, no need to earn the money.  

  2. It wasn’t about insurance. The city levies an annual fee for firefighter coverage for homes that are not incorporated within the city limits.  Those that didn’t pay it got to watch the fire burn itself out.

  3. Mossy – I agree with Cat.  Shut the fuck up.  You know they will find ANY excuse to rip more cash out of us.  After all, they are sinking so low as to tax excrement.

    JOS – When you think about it, it is tantamount to demanding money with menaces?  Pay us, or we’ll let your house burn down?  Fucking criminal!

    TT – OK.  As well as demanding money with menaces, we can add protectionism to the charge sheet?  Heh!

  4. Does Sean Quinn have fire insurance? Maybe The Bank of Junk (Irish Bank Resolution Corporation Ltd. , formerly Anglo) could do the demanding with menaces thing. They could get ‘Holey Foley’ (The Viper) on the job.

    If you crash your car and the Firefighters attend you’ll be charged €610.
    Oozing your life’s blood clinging onto your last few teeth, legs trapped by a burning engine, glass embedded in your head and some yellow helmeted cunt is asking you ‘Cash or Charge, Sir’.

    Fukkit, I’m afraid to fart anymore.

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