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  1. Sorry but that made me laugh 🙂 I keep getting people looking for a gay toilet in Sligo on my blog.

  2. “Somewhere in Saudi Arabia a teacher has given out an essay.”
    I don’t see much Arabic writing on your website !! Perhaps if you did do a bit of blogging in Arabic I could get you a whole new following here in Tunisia.  

  3. Val – I didn’t know there was a demand for happy toilets?  You should see some of the stuff I get.  Usually involves the words Porn and Senior with various other seedy words thrown in.  I am Ireland’s foremost porn site apparently.

    Mossy – My Arabic is a tad rusty these days.  I am assuming they are in Saudi Arabia as they are using to get here.  Elementary, My Dear Whatnot.

  4. Teachers are too dumb to correct essays. Education majors have the lowest test scores of any college major. They party hard and very little academic achievement is expected from them.

    Teachers and cops are the maggots of society.

  5. Ramrod – A bit of a sweeping statement?  I know one or two teachers who are almost literate.


  6. Chances are, the poor bastard in Arabia is Irish. Its one of a few places where they can get permanent properly paid jobs. They (the good ones, not the fucking wasters) deserve that here (Ireland) for trying to cram some sort on intelligence into our little buggers.

  7. If the teacher is Saudi .. he/she is probably having 50 pink fits at the mere mention of you visiting the Pub … 😉

  8. Grandad. The sa domain is South Africa not Saudi Arabia. Makes more sense now!  Lazy bastards!

  9. Sean – Sorry to spoil the ‘more sense’ – South Africa is .za.  Mind you, South Africans are lazy bastards too?

    Peig Sayers, huh?  Does that mean I have to go into service and burn the thatch off the roof?

    Leastwise, we shall know for definite which country it is when they start rioting in the streets, demanding to be Wicklow hillmen…..

  10. Grandad – Sorry you’re right as usual.  I would have bet money on it too.  Always thought .za was Zambia. [slinks away with cheeks all red]

  11. Grandad:

    Many people recognize the deficiencies of teachers. This is not a trivial matter. Our youth will inherit the culture that we provide them. We will depend on them. I attended Catholic schools that taught morality, discipline, and academic necessities. I would like young people to receive the good education that I received.

  12. Ramrod – Don’t talk to me about Catholic schools.  I’m an expert and have the scars to prove it.

  13. Some UK universities and colleges use a system where work is uploaded online by the student (paperless essays!) then uses a computer based system to look for cheating and copying.
    No the teacher doesn’t check a couple of sentences, all the essays are checked against one another for collusion and shared phrases and automatically checked against various web sources and searches made. The system may not find a blog in Ireland it will find the similarities if a group have copied your blog. They may not use such technology in .sa of course.

  14. Woodsy – I just had a look at the page they all would have found [Damn!  That long ago? August 2007? Damn!].  They’ll have a job turning into an essay as it’s just a series of bullet points!

    Best of luck to ’em!

  15. Grandad:

    Since you attended a Catholic school, you have seen the guy hanging from the cross. He was put to death for blasphemy and sedition. The ORIGINAL CHRISTIANS admired Him for his crimes.

  16. Ramrod – I never know where the hell your comments are going to bring us these days!  From Saudi Arabia to the crucifixion?  Interesting.

  17. Dwarfs.

    Especially dwarfs involved with underground lucha libre matches here in the U.S.

    I have no idea why.

    I swear.

  18. tt:

    ORIGINAL CHRISTIANITY has been hijacked. Martyrdom is not for everyone. When a movement becomes popular with the common man, it becomes the opposite of what it originally was. This is always true: democracy, capitalism, feminism, etc.

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