Old dogs and new tricks — 7 Comments

  1. heavens what am i to do?i’ve never had children i’ll never get hip and online twittery..
    thanks grandad, gave me the best laugh 

  2. So you’re now a beacon of light to nice old mothers who are being taught to use a computer by their daughters? Really? Hell, this beats the Irish Blog Awards all to shit now doesn’t it? Wonder what Grannymar thinks of all this?

  3. I don’t know about Grannymar but I’m a bit worried about your blog being the one first-time users of the internet are being introduced to!  Might be a bit much for elderly spinsters.  

  4. Cat – Have you thought of teaching yourself?  All the course material is there

    TT – Just call me Captain Kirk.  He was a great one for exploring all the frontiers, up to and including the final one?

    Kirk M – It’s not the first time either.  Grannymar and I have been paired off before as examples to The Old Folk!

    Meltimian – Why?  Sure I’m as harmless as a big cuddly teddy bear?

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