Another financial crisis — 15 Comments

  1. I have the same trouble.  I try to use Skype to avoid creating a phone bill the size of the national debt but you can’t dial numbers.  Fortunately I used to have a business bank manager so I just call his private line in if I can’t solve the problem any other way.
    Incidentally I often find that if (when phoning a company with one of those lines) I just ignore all instructions to press a number I actually get a real person!  Presumably to allow for people who don’t have digital phones. 

  2. Your example is one of many. I am scared because of the gross incompetence of the people who manage financial corporations.

  3. trick as meltemian says is, dont’ touch a button…eventually they come on the line though i’ve managed to ready, cook then eat an entire meal before the line is picked up but it will happen

  4. Welcome, Wrf!  I hope you don’t mind, but I have added your comment to my Testimonials Page?

    Meltemian – I thought you could dial numbers in Skype?  And I did try pressing random numbers, but it just kept telling me it couldn’t understand what I was trying to say.  Bastards.

    Mossy – Friendly?  I never said that.  When I said that I had a reasonably good relationship with them I meant that there wasn’t that much blood spilled.

    Ramrod – Unfortunately, the only other alternative is to bank in my mattress, and if the local knackers got wind of that…………..

    Cat – I may whack back a few Prozac and try that route.  I’m a bit pissed off at them though.  When they say “contact the office” I do not expect to end up talking to a fucking computer.  After all, I can do that at home.

  5. The trouble is that if you don’t contact them, they may freeze your card and you’ll be in the middle of buying something and find the card rejected.

    I used my card for a string of French motorway tolls in September – lots of sums like €1.60 and €2.20 driving up and down around Biarritz and they said there had been irregular payments.  Mercifully, I got through to them before they froze it – a lady in the town who has no bank account asked if she might use my card to pay for tickets to Australia and it would have been very embarrassing if the card had been rejected (she called around with cash from her credit union account to pay the fares – €2,470 in banknotes) 

  6. Ian – I finally managed to get through to a real live human [or if it was a computer it was remarkably responsive].  She checked my account – absolutely nothing wrong with it.  She hadn’t a clue why I had received the letter.  Leastwise the latter has been binned.

  7. Never telephone the bastards. If they have your account then they also have your personal details and can, if required, telephone you. If I get such worded communications I reply by letter and send it by recorded delivery. It has never failed to cause consternation amongst the dim witted twats.

  8. Toper – You know the way the banks work….   Whether I don’t phone them or they don’t phone me it will be my fault.  And I’m damned if I am going to waste a stamp on them.  Bastards.

    Wrf – Thanks!  It’s already there!  😉


  9. You had to type your credit card number into the phone?
    The bank don’t know why you got the letter?
    Have you just been scammed?

  10. Funny that, GD. I used to be with Ulster Bank too. I got that little cunt of a manager also. We, lets say disagreed with the banks latest policy (long story with expletives) and I became a ‘Revolting Customer’. I’m with The TSB since. Service is not much better either. Its impossible to get a Human on the blower, they want everthing on the interweb.
    I had on of their female Humans call me yesterday asking if I’d like to partake in a Customer Service Survey. I replied, ‘beep! If you wish to speak to the Customer, press 1, if you wish to wait for twenty fucking minutes, press 2, if you wish to ring me later, press 3, if you want any more of my money, press the end call button and fuck off,’  silence then, beep, beep, beep, beep.
    I think she got the point.

  11. After years of being messed around by various normal banks I switched to one that does it all on the phone (or online) and it’s been happiness ever since (er… apart from money shortages, but that’s not their fault).
    They muct have gunmen (or women) stalking their call centres threatening to shoot any member of staff who doesn’t sound friendly – cos they always are. Odd. Rare. Nice too.
    I won’t name them, cos presumably you charge for advertising.

  12. Aha!  I have never spoken to anyone in my offshore account.  All done by electronics.  And electronics are never rude!!

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