A bitch in heat — 10 Comments

  1. Snady’s underfur keeps her cool as well as keeping her warm.  The sun beating down on her has to get through all that fur before it can overheat her.    It’s a layer that both cools her and keeps her warm in the winter.

  2. Brianf – I did wonder if the whole thing worked both ways like a vacuum flask.  Maybe I shouldn’t comb her then!   I’ll just let her drop the stuff all over the place as soon as she is finished with it.

    Cat – How could you?  He belly is covered with a magnificent mane of long, pure white hair.  That stays.

  3. Is it safe to come out……TT and his Merkin friends are very fucking intense. They really should get a life.
    I’ll have some of the Free Tank Ammo from your Video (above). It’ll come in useful when the Merkins invade again….

  4. Are you trying to cement our relationship GD. It could develop into something concrete.

  5. Hi Julie
               I am worried about you taking Sandy on your hols.
    As you probably know dogs don’t react well to long car trips… if it’s hot
    even more so.
                          You can probably arrange to keep Sandy cool when you arrive
    but be aware it will limit your trips around the place in warm weather……
    don’t know if Sandy is ok to leave for a while at your holiday home…… if not…. more trouble.
          I would seriously consider a pet sitter to look after Sandy while you are away.
             Having said all that it is probably a load of ballox since I dont know Sandy or your holiday arrangements…………………….. I just felt I had to say it,you never know.
    Anyway enjoy your hols and drink a verre for me in la belle france.

  6. Welcome, Rod!  As coincidence would have it, we decided last night that Sandy will be staying at home.  Our main concerns were the boat trip [where she would be locked in a small steel cage for over eighteen hours], having to leave her in the car on regular occasions and the fact that she refuses to drive on the right.

    And I’m so sorry to disappoint, but ‘Julie‘ wasn’t the right answer.

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