Truth and lies — 16 Comments

  1. lets rule them out one at a time
    1. your not 26, as for the rest of it …
    2. The star went nova, no if you had said there was a nebula named after you.
    3. Had me going on this one till I realized you said “right” foot instead of left. 
    4. You did appear on all three, but it was for the same incident at the pub.
    5. The life boat service may make a mistake once, but surely not twice.
    6. Logic would suggest that ruling out the first five means this on is true, but
    7. You said you were giving us 1 true statement and 6 not true. If this is not true, then there is not another true answer. If it is true then there is more then one true answer.

  2. Hmmm I had a very enjoyable night in 1984 with a ‘Mimi’. 🙂  Don’t give a merde what a meme is!  We come here for a breath of fresh air on the interweb (figuratively speaking of course!) not to follow the other sheep!

  3. I know you do not live in Staines, Middlesex U.K., you are not nearly sad enough………

  4. i couldn’t guess, i was flustered with the first few lines of blog,
    I wasn’t going to bother my arse writing anything today.
    It’s too hot and sticky

    frankly (or francis as frances is female of the name) it was to much information about your arse and i was made queezy. 

  5. Brianf – I’ll change my name if you like?

    Slab – I have been perfectly sane for the last four years and have the certificate to prove it.

    Not green – I like Tinman’s style which is just as well – I would have told him to fuck off otherwise.

    TT – Wrong.  I missed out on one of them and only had a background scene.

    Johnnyrvf – You have a point there.  I have lots of stains though?

    Cat – Whoops.  Sorry.  Do you want photos?



  6. It’s perfectly obvious. Your Middle name IS Frances. If it wasn’t, why would you keep going there for you holliers. Case closed.

  7. Paulo1 – Actually it’s not.  Now if you said I went to France because of French ancestry?

    JD – It’s still not.  You are used to your heat.   We only get a day like this about once or twice a year.

  8. On a day when you couldn’t bother your arse writing about anything you got the fingers out and wrote much ado about nothing. Which is something. You’re like God: created something out of nothing. Mind you, I’ve said nothing. If you have nothing to say don’t say it. Stick to mental telepathy and the oul’ pipe.

  9. Welcome Ger!  I honestly wasn’t going to write anything but then Tinman posted and it would have been churlish to ignore him.  Next time will be different!

  10. Sorry, I notified about half the people, then had to go out and forgot who I hadn’t told.
    You’re right – fail.
    What happened to the missing toe? 

  11. As far as I am aware, they take all severed limbs [and bits of limbs] and use them to create clones of the original “owner”.  It’s all done in the name of science of course.

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