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  1. That was suggested last night, but was shot down – we think he was married, and what’s more, she went with him.  So marital problems fell at the fence too.

  2. Face it. He’s too gorgeous for ye all.
    When I lived in Dublin it seemed as though all the beautiful women in Ireland had moved there to wander along the canalsides looking gorgeous. Except for the ones in Belfast. They tended to stay put. And the ones from Gweedore – they were working in America.

    But also – have you seen this wee video – you might like it – it’s got unparliamentary language/swearing.​=-jn_1-RAoYI&feature=player_em​bedded

  3. Blackwater – You would probably have found that the majority of women on the canal side tere there “in a professional capacity”

    As for the video… that is by definition parliamentary language as it was used in the parliament.

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