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  1. We still live in Feudal times.
    Ireland is a feudal state as is Europe as a whole. Laws are introduced by the ruling classes to protect (control) the citizens (masses). They can, once they have this control, do what they like ie. Banking, Building Development, Clergy, etc. When the crap hits the fan, they then can say its the fault of the Citizens (plebs) for spending too much, drinking too much etc.

    We the People, Citizens (plebs) are the Serfs in our modern Feudal times and we will always have to bow to our masters and pay for everything and in some circumstances, die for them too (Iraq, Afganastan etc).

    The way out…win the Lottery and you’ll have a first step on the ladder that only starts from the first floor beyond the reach of Serfs.

  2. Slab – I couldn’t agree more.  We are a nation of worker bees, slaving away to supply those higher up the food chain.  What I find so sad is the acceptance of this state of affairs.  No one seems to question it.  All you’ll get is the odd water-cooler muttering but that’s it.

    I like the new icon, by the way.  You seem to be getting angry at something?

  3. If you banned The X Factor, coverage of English football and all mention of Glasgow Celtic, you might stir up some protest.

  4. Ian – Don’t be foolish.  They can’t ban the X-Factor – it’s Ireland’s National Religion.

    A Grandad – All true and depressingly so.  Most economists have been predicting a default for some time now, but the Irish Gubmint remains convinced that if we lick enough arses in Brussels, that everything will turn out rosy.

  5. What a feckin’ miserable lot you are. Maybe that’s what’s wrong with the Irish. That word “Jackboot” keeps cropping up.

  6. “I like the new icon, by the way.  You seem to be getting angry at something?”

    Grandad, thats my Dogfish ‘Mick’, hellava bite, ya have to watch him.

    I’m always angry when it comes to any subject that relates to the state
    of our fucked up Country, the waste, corruption, stupidity etc.

    It annoys me when the fuckwits in The ERSI come up with half brained ideas.
    More taxation and Govt. cuts. Will they start taking blood soon, and a C02 emissions
    tax on breathing?

    Anyhow, I too am to be a first time Grandad very soon. Man, I’m soo excited, can’t wait to see the lil

  7. Slab – “Will they start taking blood soon”  Well, they are starting to dip their fingers into people’s private pensions.  Next thing will be enforced gubmint withdrawals from our bank accounts.

    TT – That is fantastic news.  ‘Though now I will have to spend the evening phoning out gubmint, the banks, the EU, the IMF and the ECB to tell them that you say it’s all shite and that they are worrying about nothing.

  8. Very intellectual tt. I always thought you Merkins were much more verbally expressive though.

  9. They’ll never ban twitter or facebook – nor mobile phones – nor the telly – because people might suddenly start waking up and looking around them and going WTF.

  10. Funnily enough I just turned on the TV and the news guys are actually talking about Ireland and asking why there isn’t a revolution there. They are going after the private pensions now to help pay for the vast amounts of money paid to the banks that caused the problem. The private pensions being the original gambling chips. Bunch of idiots they are calling your leaders.  etc,etc.

  11. People should start worrying, a line was crossed yesterday, the levy on pensions (Private sector ones I might add) is on capital not on earnings as is the case with DIRT. They are actually confiscating peoples savings & as this line has been crossed it’ll be just as easy to levy deposit account savings next. The amount of money that will leave Irish deposit accounts overnight because of this will be huge, resulting in our fucked up banks requiring more & more capital. I voted for these morons, I have always voted Fine Gael, but never ever again, they haave just shown themselves to be even worse than Fianna Fail and in 60 days thats some fucking achievement.

  12. Yep its all true, we have been stabbed in the back again. Since the new Govt cranked up there has been no sound, not a fucking squeek from Eamonn Gilmore. Is he dead? The shite he spun us and now there is’nt anything from him. Were his Duracells removed like the fucking rabbit in the add?

    The reason there has’nt been a revolution in Ireland is probably the same as the reason the Merkins hav’nt revolted. The Lords and Masters would have the Jack Booted Drones kick the shite out of us.

    Thats what Serfs get.

  13. ”…hundreds of years of oppression…”
    Oh for fucks sakes, get over this moping self-indulgent shite, will ye?

  14. Dan – Welcome aboard!  To be honest I rarely if ever play the Nationalist Card but in this particular instance it is appropriate.  And what is self indulgent about asking why the Irish are so content to be fucked over by Brussels?  Frankly I couldn’t really care as I have had my life, but the kids of today will have to live with the consequences for the rest of their,, and their children’s lives.

  15. I was just thinking that when I saw on the news about the strikes in Greece what the hell are the Irish doing…..Nothing and in a few weeks touching their forelocks when Queen Doris comes to town. Its times like this I’m glad I got out 40 years ago.  The EU so loved by most of the Irish is just another Nazi outfit and now they control the country 100% how did people get conned into this?
    Blackwatertown is spot on in about Facebook and TV and also add the lottery to the list.

  16. May I refer your readers to this article written a few years back by an EU cheerleader here in the UK – Mark Leonard. 
    Europe’s power is easy to miss. Like an ‘invisible hand’, it operates through the shell of traditional political structures. The British House of Commons, British law courts, and British civil servants are still here, but they have all become agents of the European Union implementing European law. This is no accident. By creating common standards that are implemented through national institutions, Europe can take over countries without necessarily becoming a target for hostility.

    The same is true for the European troops who often serve away from home under a United Nations or NATO flag, rather than the European banner. While every American company, embassy, and military base is a terrorist target, Europe’s invisibility allows it to spread its influence without provocation. Europe lacks one leader, being a network of centres of power that are united by common policies and goals. This enables Europe to accommodate ever-greater numbers of countries without compromising their independence. At the same time, Europe can provide its members with the benefits of being part of the largest market in the world.
    Europe’s obsession with legal frameworks means that it transforms the countries it comes into contact with, instead of just skimming the surface. The US may have changed the regime in Afghanistan, but Europe is changing all of Polish society, from its economic policies and property laws to its treatment of minorities and what gets served on the nation’s tables. The lonely superpower can bribe, bully, or impose its will almost anywhere in the world, but when its back is turned, its potency wanes. In contrast, the strength of the EU is broad and deep: once sucked into its sphere, countries are changed forever.
    Europe doesn’t change countries by threatening to invade them: its biggest threat is to cut off contact with them. The prize of European Union membership has already transformed countries such as Spain, Greece, Poland and the Czech Republic and is starting to have a similar effect on Turkey. Beyond the 450 million citizens who are already in the European Union, there are a further 1.3 billion people in 80 countries umbilically linked to an EU that is their biggest trade partner and main source of credit, foreign investment and aid. Thus nearly one-third of the world’s population live in the ‘Eurosphere’, Europe’s zone of influence, which is gradually being transformed by the European project.

  17. Most of the  impact of that essay is lost through the swearing, which only serves to indicate a poverty of thought and language.  If the author would desist from the use of the F-word, then his posts would enjoy a much wider circulation and listener sympathy.

  18. Greetings, Grandad, from Engerland, home of X Factor.

    There is nothing wrong with Ireland that isn’t also wrong with England. We too are lobsters boiling in the EU pot, only maybe your pot is a few degrees hotter than ours, but we too will be done shortly.

    The end result will be the same: Thermidor. Yum!


    English Grandad

  19. Greetings to you too Bob.  You lot are out of recession now, aren’t you?  One of these days, I must apply for a UK passport.  There again do I want to live in The Home of the X-Factor?

  20. @Captain Peacock
    “The EU so loved by most of the Irish is just another Nazi outfit”
    You lost your grip of reality here a bit, haven’t you?


    The Government of Denmark has decided to reopen the border and customs controls on intra-European borders with Germany and Sweden. On this, as reported by Agence France-Presse, May 11, said Finance Minister Klaus Hort Frederiksen (Claus Hjort Frederiksen).

    According to him, the decision due to the increase of crimes committed by immigrants from other countries. To cope with this problem, the government equipped border checkpoints with new electronic systems, including devices for determining numbers of machines.

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