Good luck Jedward — 19 Comments

  1. I would think Ireland, with all the great talent, could do better. Where have all the tenors gone?  And, please help us poor Yankies as Simon C. brings X-Factor do the States, via Fox.  (barf)

  2. They’re so awful even the Gays won’t claim them.

    It could be worse though at least “Crystal Swing” aren’t representing us

  3. I can honestly say that thus far I have managed to avoid ever seeing these two douche bags perform anywhere.
    The pictures of them are bad enough so I think I’ll keep it that way.

  4. Willie – Ireland has a lot of talent, which is one reason why the X-Factor steers clear.  Shit! Why do ‘talent’ and ‘X-Factor’ keep appearing in the same sentence?  That is weird.

    Dessiegee – I would almost prefer Crystal Swing, and that is really saying something.

    TT – Twins indeed.  As for their origins, I have heard rumours about pentagrams and goat’s blood being involved.

    Mossy – You lucky bastard.  I have managed to avoid the majority of their screechings, but I suppose I have to listen to a tiny bit, otherwise i wouldn’t know what I am writing about.  The things we do in the name of research……..

    Willie – For about three microseconds I thought about putting a YouTube thingy as an illustration of their awfulness, but I decided I had much too much respect for my readers.  I don’t want to be held responsible for any nervous breakdowns.


  5. Feeling very lucky right now Grandad. One of the great fortunes of living in the US is that we don’t get subjected to the Eurovision “Song” Contest.

  6. Peacock – It could get worse.  They could win.

    Denise – I wouldn’t dream of inflicting a video of them on you, but it should be safe enough if you just Google for an image.  To be on the safe side, you should disconnect your computer’s speakers first, and wear ear-muffs.

  7. The Eurovision Song Contest is the greatest load of auld shite. Talentless failures in the world of real music. How can so many millions of people get so fucking worked up about this crap Euro trash.
    The only ones, loath though I am to say it, to make any mega money from it were ABBA.
    They were shite too.

    I will say though, on this side of the pond we have just as many talentless fuckwits as the Merkins.

  8. Dana International is on now…..Jasus, I’d Giver one. Surgeon did a fucking great job. I must get his number.
    Shite song though.

  9. I think I will have to emigrate to America. There is no other way I can escape Jedward. I thought I was safe going to the pub last night, but there was a few gobshites who wanted to watch the Eurovision crap

  10. Cardi – A little harsh?  I presume their mother loves them?  There again……….

    Slab – Dana International?  Jayzus but you’re kinky.

    Pete – Now that is more like it.  I wonder if they are up for a Twin Sandwich?  I’m game.

    Peter – On nights like Eurovision Night, if you are heading for the pub it is essential that you bring a remote control or two.  Apart from getting a little peace and quiet, it’s great entertainment watching them try to find the ‘fault’.

    David – I would agree but for one thing – I’d miss my Sharon reading the news.  I have to have that.


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