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  1. We need a poll.
    Yes, a poll will provide the answers:
    “A recent survey surprisingly revealed that 99.99% of Head Rambles readers do not give a  flying fuck about the use of the odd f-word in GD’s blogs”.

  2. Mossy – I didn’t think of setting up a poll.  It’s a bit late now, and anyway I couldn’t be arsed.

    Dessiegee – The man is entitled to his opinion.  And I am appalled at your language….

    Filthy – I will do my fucking best.

  3. i know that FUCK is Fornication Under the Concent of King but what’s the F-Word?

  4. Don’t care whether he is correct or not. He’s still a fucking cunt.

  5. Gentlemen, there are ladies present, so please refrain from all the foul mouthed language…kiss kiss

  6. Ah Jayzus, Lads!  The man is expressing an opinion which he is perfectly entitled to do.  No need to slag him off like that.  Please go to the naughty step for ten minutes.

    Cat – I remember hearing [from a Catholic priest] that it meant Force Unwilling Carnal Knowledge.  And I always thought the F-word was ‘fantasmagorical’?

    Brighid – It’s all right.  I have just slapped their wrists, and applied the Ultimate Sanction.


  7. Should have asked what the fuck the W was for! (I can have a good fucking guess.)
    There you go. I’ve just used exactly the same number of profanities as you did in the whole blog. The same ones too! 🙂

  8. Fuck,Fuck,fuck,fuck, shite, shite, shite, bollox, bollox, bollox, ya big hairy cunt yez. Oh that felt good……

  9. Brianf – There y’are.  I was wondering where you had gotten to.

    David – But you didn’t get a slap on the wrist?  Life is JUST NOT FAIR.

    Slab – I had seen that report all right and very nearly included it in my little ramble.  It makes a lot of fucking sense.

  10. Funny, I thought the premise of blogging is to be yourself. I think Martin W is way off base. If he doesn’t like the language he should read someone else’s blog. I disagree with the idea that coarse language is a sign of poverty of thought and language anyway. Different folks, different strokes. For some people it works, for others it doesn’t. (I think people who know me would start wondering what was up if I started littering my posts with choice language. It wouldn’t work at all).
    BTW. Has he actually seen all the awards in your side bar? Apparently a lot of us like what you have to say and how you say it!

  11. Motherdear – A very sticky end, I would imagine?

    Denise – ‘Tis a fact of life that anywhere one goes now, the language is ripe.  The Irish are supposed to have a particular talent for throwing various A-words [through to Z-words] into just about any conversation.  It is a talent to be proud of.

    As for the awards on the sidebar – they are there for a bit of colour; something like little plastic gnomes in the garden.

  12. I have a purely apocryphal story from my RAF days.
    A man(?) noted for his use of obscenity excelled himself one day when, on returning to barracks found his radio was no longer working. Thus came this immortal train of epithets…
    “Some fuckin’ fucker’s fuckin’ fucked the fuckin’ thing!”
    Difficult to beat I would imagine.

  13. Vote for your neighbour. Fucking Eurovision shite……If one of the former Communist block countrys put a talentless, half arsed farting spitting monkey with a dose of the shits into this competition the fucker’d win. They all vote for their nearest neighbours.
    Its all a complete load of Bollox. Azerbaijan cunts.
    Bring back The Castlebar International Song Contest.

  14. God it’s been ages since I’ve visited. New gaff, very noice. I prescribe to the Dr Seuss Horton theory: I meant what I said and I said what I meant, an elelphant’s faithful 100 percent . . er fuckit.

  15. David – You were in the Battle of Britain?  Wow!  I’m impressed.

    Slab – I take it then that you are not a devoted fan?  Maybe if they allowed entried from The Isle of Man, Lambay Island, Achil Island and Rockall we would do better?  At least we would have some neighbours to vote for us.

    Baino – Ah How are ya?  I know you have been very busy dragging some unfortunate from Amarica screaming through the Outback so your absence is forgiven.  Did you return him intact?

  16. Sure he’s entitled to his opinion.  His advice is probably a good piece…if you were a columnist or political writer.  This is Head Rambles still right?  Fuck me for a loon if it ain’t.  Ramble away man!  Curse as you see fit!  Damn them that can’t handle it!

  17. I am a lover of literature and I succeeded in having a book published in 1990. To me fuck is just another word that if used too much or inappropriately is not effective, but if used in the right context can be powerful and in a way beautiful. Now I am going to have a fucking shite

  18. I got something similar to this recently in a comment on one of my YouTube videos, since I also have a tendency to swear profusely at whatever little shitty thing happens in the game I’m playing.

    He even had the nerve to say I’m even worse, because of the fact that I label my videos as “Angry Irishman” videos, and that swearing is not only uncensored, but incredibly likely to happen in a large amount.

    I really wish that people like your commenter and mine would learn to keep their fucking mouths shut, because we really don’t give two shits about how they see our use of language.

  19. Ater all, we tread in the footsteps of the Great Irish Writer – Brendan Behan.  We have standards to maintain.  One only has to read Peter’s comment to see what I mean.

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