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  1. My SatNav scared the living daylights out of me the first time I used it and reached 74 on the motorway. The sound was so loud and intimidating I thought itwas the cops behind me!. I switched the speed warning sound off for a while after that, and still do if I’m on a motorway, but now have a quieter and less objectionable “ting” sound driving on restricted roads to avoid points on me license.

  2. Cat – The problem then is that you have no one to blame when you get lost.

    Sean – I have to investigate yet what parts I can tweak.  I’m never too happy messing around in other people’s insides..

  3. Kongs and Kings

    This is the policeman in your car.  So helpful now but will eventually be used to alert authorities to ticket you.

    Along those lines.- 

    Hello there Grandad!

  4. Wow, that blows me away GD. Talk about Big Brother watching you! I have a new SatNav. It hasn’t binged at me yet, maybe they don’t over here. I sure hope not. I do think that’s taking their “job description” to a whole new level.

  5. Denise – Soon enough the damn things will have made drivers redundant.  It knows a little too much for my comfort!

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