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  1. Have you tried a Norn Iron accent ? On second thoughts – maybe not a good idea wee mon. !!

  2. I tried one of those in an electronics store.  It didn’t go to well for me either.  Evidently, it didn’t care for my southern accent!  I saw a lady that had to be from New Jersey try it, and it worked grand for her.  Maybe that is just the Chinese way of irritating us to death.  🙂

  3. Funny thing Grandad, but I just bought myself one of those fancy SatNav deals with the voice recognition. My options are English English or American English. I tried the American first and was thrilled to bits when she answered. (Yes, I know, little things please little minds). The only thing is that she sounded totally ticked off and I figured I didn’t want to be bitched at by a machine so now I’ve switched it to the other option.

  4. JD – With all due respect, the southern drawl is more of a handicap than an accent.  I don’t blame the SatNav.  It has to draw the line somewhere.

    Bill – It’s a strange thing, but any time I try the Welsh accent, I end up sounding like Daniel O’Donnell.  I wouldn’t inflict that on anyone, even a machine.

  5. i’ve been told i sound like flat british irish what ever the fluff that means, i’m pretty sure thats not an english option for the satnav.

  6. Well, if you sound anything like the cab drivers in Dublin, no wonder it didn’t respond.  Couldn’t understand a damn word they were saying.

    On the other hand, I have had a hell of a time getting understood overseas before, the combination of a North Carolina drawl and a broad, Midwestern accent might as well be Greek in the Home Counties.

  7. Don’t know about the ‘voice recognition’ but my sat-nav always sounds very pissed-off when I don’t follow instructions.
    I have a friend who bought a French Renault ( she was living in Paris at the time) purely because it had a French male voice telling her where to go …and she LOVED it!!!

  8. I wonder if it works is you try Pirate English – me hearties – and all that sort of stuff.  It’s derived from Bristolian and would be more appropriate for a Sat Nav!

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