A society of sheep — 7 Comments

  1. It’s like these tossers that go out and buy a new Gillette razor every time they add a blade. And put up the price. I think it’s  5 blades on the razor now. They think they are getting a better shave. Then there are the idiots on TV with their ‘designer stubble.’ Feckin’ grow a beard or get a shave you patheticaly conformist twats.

  2. ” .. it detected when you placed your hands nearby and duly squirted its liquid” ..

    I have one just like that, but mine only does its “stuff” when female hands are in close proximity .. 🙂

  3. TT – What baffles me about those flaming razors is why some company doesn’t produce the 20 blade model, thereby trumping the lot of ’em.

    Haddock – I was going to make some crack along those lines when I wrote it, but then decided I would wait to see who would take the bait.  Congratulations!

  4. I reckon today’s kids are kept too clean anyway – WE were always filthy but we never had all these allergies that are around now!  Mind you I usually have to wash the soap before I can use it after ‘himself’ has had a go.
    Don’t like the sound of the sensor…. how does it know it’s a hand?
    Now THAT would put a damper (sorry) on Capt. Haddocks …………….

  5. Meltemian – I couldn’t agree more about the dirt and hygiene.  It’s just a fact of life tha kids should be grubby.  A good point about the sensor.  Does it take a ‘blanket bomb’ approach and just give a squirt at anything that’s passing by?  And Haddock can use it whatever way he pleases provided we get the evidence on YouTube.

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