Musicians and tourists — 9 Comments

  1. So who were they? Did they have a name? You weren’t that hairy, beardy, smelly guy in the Dubliners were you? Answer my questions three.

  2. Pray tell, GD.  What instrument did/do you play?   I have, in my advancing years, taken up the guitar after many years of ignoring it.  The guitar has become a much more difficult instrument than what it was years ago.  It appears to be the same as it was.  Maybe it is the “player”?

  3. and any time the bf’s band plays a venue, we are grateful for the ex musicians listening in, he plays barri sax in a 22 horn swing band..not exactly pub stuff but a heck of alotta fun to listen and dance to

  4. TT – I confess that I have no idea what their names were.  I believe one of them used to be famous.  Interesting point – how does one become unfamous?

    Willie – Like yourself, the guitar.  I had a nice choice of classical, acoustic or 12 string.  I still have the classical and the 12 string though the latter needs repairing.  The one thing that puts me off reviving my playing is the thought of the agonies one has to endure before the fingertips callous up.

    Cat – It’s amazing how many people go to a session and then spend their time talking at the tops of their voices and making a general racket.  Granted, a pub is for enjoying themselves but have a bit of respect for the musician!

  5. Ah, I miss the bars and the bar bands as we call them here. Some of the best music could be found in a local bar. I spent years as a sound engineer and between the studio and running sound for various bar bands I prefer spending time doing the latter than the former. Now I’m deaf and can’t do either dammit!

  6. Grandad, in October I hope to briefly be a tourist in your fair country. I trust tourist hunting season will be closed by then, or can I at least get a decent Irish wake at my funeral? Maybe my 80 year old mom being half-Irish will save me?

    One of things I’m most looking forward to is spending time in old time pubs listening to genuine traditional Irish music. I’m disappointed to hear that you have been cursed with these damned electronic noisemakers. Please let me know where I’ll be able able to hear to decent Irish music (without being bankrupted, the South African Rand is worth shit)? I’ll probably be entering at Dublin and go past Cork and around the West coast up to Sligo, then back to Dublin.

  7. Occam – The tourist hunting season is somewhat open ended.  I would suggest you buy a “Temporary Irish” pass from the Irish Tourist Hunting Association before you travel.

    As I said, it’s forty or so yoears since I was really involved with the traditional scene.  I presume the old reliables – O’Donoghue’s of Merrion Row in Dublin, or O’Connor’s in Doolin in County Clare are still the heartland of traditional music.

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