He is the image of every other baby — 19 Comments

  1. Tsk, tsk Grandad!
    She’s a bit late to the fags. I sincerely hope you haven’t embarrassed us with her drinking late as well? She should be stocious by now but she is handling that wean with remarkable dexterity.
    For shame!

  2. Wadya mean – late to the fags?  She’s been on twenty a day since she was three months, as my daughter can testify.  Breastfeeding and cigarettes don’t mix very well.

  3. Three months my arse. Mine were both smoking IN THE WOMB!!
    Actually, I can go further. They were chuffing away when they were contained within my vas deferens! (There’s an image for you…).

  4. Ahh shure it’s a grand baba. A credit to you. You are always thinking of new ways to get readers. Now you use the baby trick, just like a politician. Or one of those annoying ads that use kids to promote adult products such as pensions or electricity.

    Just like all males. You couldn’t just put some pics of the lovely little doll without surrounding it with witty remarks. Yes, I am male too.

    A grand baba altogether. A credit to you.

    I’ll have a black bush in his honour later.

  5. Shannon – Go on outa that!  He’s just like any other baby.  Smells the same too.

    Ranty – Respect!!  I made mine give up years ago.  Forty million packs a day was just proving a little expensive.

    Kerryview – will you feck off out of that.  I put the photographs up a) to prove how he is no different, and b) to satisfy all those gushy women who want something to coo over.  I might join you for that Black Bush though?

  6. It’s a marvel how old farts think they’re giving something away if they dare to show even a smidgen of emotion for a newborn. Why the fuck don’t you just tear up like a big boy and rejoice in the miracle?

  7. Oh yeah, and congratulations to all concerned, the tiny one looks like a keeper. More than could ever have been said about you.

  8. Baino – You make him sound like a tube of toothpaste.  Incidentally, he has been rechristened – Sir Fartzalott.

    Martin – Far be it from me to step between a child and her choice of smokes.  If she likes the Purple, she can smoke the Purple.

    Paulo – For fuck’s sake! The child is less than two days old and you have him marked down as a kleptomaniac!  And why should I rejoice?  Who do you think is earmarked for years of babysitting?

  9. Gingermick – Can I count on you as a babysitter then?

    Eejit – Yes.

    John – The one hope for humanity is that the Grandad gene is very strong and tends to anihilate any other genes.  As Sir Fartzalott is a direct descendent, this means he is 100% pure Grandad.  Heh!

  10. Just scrolled down and found out you are a GD again! Hearty Congratulations to you and all your family. Little Tom is a smasher!

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