Confessions of a tree hugger — 11 Comments

  1. FF TD Ned O’Keeffe said recently that he’d be happy to hand over some of his land to build an incinerator or a nuclear reactor. Maybe you should give him a bell?
    On second thought don’t bother. He’s a FF TD and therefore he was probably lying through his teeth.

  2. Of course he’s lying through his teeth.  He’s only looking for backhanders anyway.

  3. seems to me that asking people to cut down on things will never work – people do what they do, and asking them to not do it is silly.
    if it really was all that important to cut down on electricity usage, then the government would tax it heavily. that’s how they try to dissuade people from doing everything else, except in the cases where they simply ban things (which is just fucking stupid, and doesn’t work).

  4. I went to the Carnsore rallies too, Grandad between 1978 and 1982. I remember the free music of course, the cheap sandwiches and burgers prepared by the Tagoat mummers, and the practical but windy pit latrines covered by pvc mounted on pine log frames. Carnsore weekends were a struggle against windy rain and the possibility of diarrhoea. I always packed into my rucksack two bulky toilet rolls and three changes of y-front (blue) underpants, along with an airport blockbuster novel for spiritual reading. Fortunately the bowels were never upset and I never had an ‘accident’. I did my bit to keep Ireland nuclear free, but I never got into the New Age religious stuff and had nothing to do with tree hugging.

  5. Did you see the smug head of Ryan on TV last night telling farmers that they have to pay a carbon tax on their tractor diesel? When they told him that they couldn’t cut down on the amount of oil they burn he suggested they grow elephant grass….what planet is he on?
    Doesn’t he look like Tommy Cooper – or is it me??

  6. Kae – The problem with electricity is that it is a basic essential to everyday life now.  If they raise the price of that, then all manufacturing costs go up. If anything, electricity sould be as cheap as possible.  What counts is how it is generated, and that isn’t up to us Plebs.  If the government are so worried, they should be doing something about it and not just commissioning reports and investigations.  Their idea of solving any problem is to either whack the price up or ban it, and they can’t do that with electricity!!

    Gabby – Welcome!!  Maybe we met in that damp distant corner of Ireland?  I was the one with the beard, stoned in the corner.  Are you aware that the Irish Green Party are now investigating the possibility of nuclear power?  How the worm turns!!

    TT – I wish I had sold out.  At least I would have gotten some cash for it.  It has been a gradual eroding of my principles.  The more they try and brainwash me into their fucking ideology, the more I rebel.

    King’s Bard – I did indeed.  This site is supposed to be a catharsis, where I vent my frustrations, but Jayzus, last night I was screaming and roaring abuse at the television.  That fuckwit is so far up his arse that he genuinely cannot see how his ideals are fucking up the country.  A farmer is supposed to feel happier at paying more for his diesel, because he is funding insulation for the old folk??  Fucking hell!

    As for the lookalike thing – I got there before you.  Heh!



  7. Carnsore Point. Me to even though I was only in my teens. The thoughts of Paidi Jo the FF builder getting a contract for a nuclear power station would fill anyone with fear. You only have to look at the utter shite slapped up by dodgy builders all over Ireland to see that.

    I tell you what though- two nuclear power stations would cost around £7billion and sure thats only a tenth of the cost of NAMA.

    The difference being we could (a) secure our own power sources instead of having to buy it in across the border from the UK and (b) we won’t be held hostage by rapacious oil companies (never mind political blackmail) over energy.

    The only proviso I’d say is that the work should be done by outside contractors as I simply woudnd’t trust any Irish consortium to do the work without cutting corners. And nuclear power stations are no place for Paidi Jo’s second cousin Mick with the kango hammer. 

  8. Cap’n Con that all sounds to logical for our lot here…
    The idiot Ryan envisions us producing enough wind energy to sell it to the rest of Europe. He sees us as a prospective leading light in “sustainable energy”. Farmers ploughing with electric tractors, commuters travelling hundreds of kms with no en-route power points etc.
    Get the fuckers out and then maybe we can look at nuclear..

  9. Con – Good point.  The problem is that with the backhanders, Paidi Jo will more than likely get the job.

    King’s Bard – That Ryan fuckwit was asked a simple question – what do we do for power on a calm day?  He was stumped.  He spluttered on about Ireland having more wind than any other country, but he couldn’t say what we do when the wind dies down.  Someone pointed out that this winter was exceptionally cold, but it was also exceptionally calm.  No answer!  That idiot is living in a dream world.

  10. Any ecologically minded person who claims that windpower and solarcell technology is anywhere near being an economic solution simply doesn’t know what they are talking about.

    We don’t have any options. Its either be prepared for whatever price for energy the seller decides to charge us or get ourselves out from under the looming energy crisis (10 years or less)- fast. The only way to do that is nuclear power. The French company Areva have licensed and cleared modern reactors that cost approx £3.5billion each and have recently sold two I think to Norway.

    We’d better get our order in fast as Areva are going to be busy in the next decade.

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