Latest version of Grandad released — 13 Comments

  1. Martin – I found you lurking in my spam box.  What were you doing there?  You know you are always welcome here?  😉

    Thanks everyone.  It was a long hard night for me and Herself, and we are glad it’s all over.  It’s not easy being a Grandad!!

    Tinman – I trust you are refering to the size of the family, and not the size of my stomach?  Heh!

  2. Yep congrats to all and sundry. I won’t forget his birthday, it falls on ANZAC day! Now go and blow cigar smoke in all those wet blanket’s faces!

  3. Congrats GD and K8 and all, happy times.
    And isn’t it odd/good that whilst many of us can only imagine the lives of our grandparents, all the lad will have to do in future years is visit this site. Anyways you’re probably over there somewhere gooing and gaaing and going all soppy on us!
    Enjoy the guinness and congrats again.

  4. So Australia and New Zealand are going to have national holidays to celebrate my grandson?  I’m flattered.

    I wonder if my grandad ran one of these sites?  I must search around the Interweb and see if there is any sign of him?  It would be interesting.

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