Fun and wife swapping — 9 Comments

  1. Did she take the spade with her?  ‘Cos I wouldn’t try digging with that chainsaw.

  2. King’s Bard – I’m not worried about the digging.  That’s one of the jobs she enjoys [or so I keep telling her].

    Geri – That’s cruel.  Please don’t raise my hopes like that.

  3. I trust they threw the fuel for said Chainsaw in for free ?
    After all .. you’d fed “herself” …  😉

  4. Hmm, the words ” …and they wanted a sample of the grass too.”
    In my book there is grass and there is grass. I wonder if the pipe smoke that attracted the neighbours’ attention smelled of ‘grass’ in that other sense, and they, and yourself, experienced ‘heightened awareness’ leading to the wife swap lark? What varieties of produce grow in your garden?

  5. Jayzus, Gareth! I couldn’t be mentioning things like that on a public web site.  I would have all sorts of strange officials and busy-bodies knocking on my door.

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