Homeland Security — 16 Comments

  1. lol 🙂

    actually we at the EPA are concerned with the proper disposal of your underpants, certainly hazardous waste 😉

  2. As usual,  your conclusion is correct, but your reasoning is just all bolloxed.
    American men need the extra reinforcement to keep our gigantic “Todgers” in check.  Also in my case, I walk around a lot with my zipper down.

  3. Kate – I do my best.   ?

    Sixty – You still haven’t got the hang of this metrication lark, have you?  I hate to disillusion you, but because of this confusion, your todgers are actually half the size you think, and are in fact the laughing stock of Europe.  😈

  4. Grandad, you’ve named your manhood Todger?  Really?  And you think we Americans have problems?  Please!
    Reading this made me choke on my tea!  You’re lucky you didn’t kill me!  🙂

  5. What I don’t get is why are the button holes so much larger than the buttons? might as well have just left a large hole in the front of them.

  6. Haddock – The shop didn’t have any Y-fonts in stock, only those shorts types with fucking buttons.

    Star – Actually, his preferred name is Lazarus, as he is constantly rising from the dead.

    DD – Good thinking.  I don’t know what the lads down the pub would make of that though?

    Mick – You could be onto something there!  Could Sarah hold herself back though?  We wouldn’t want the programme banned?

    Kae – Er…  Um…  Never mind…..

  7. Arrrgh .. Boxer Shorts, I bloody well hate them ..
    I need a bit o’ support .. know what I mean ? ..   😉

  8. Grandad,
    We Americans may blow a lot of “gas” in our shorts but we have never tried to blow ourselves up in them, unless of course there is a women involved???

  9. Haddock – You mean a Zimmer Frame?  I know how it is….

    John – I thought it was you lot who were convinced that people were carrying bombs around in their underpants?  Or was that just an excuse  so you could use those ‘full body scanners’?

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