The end of a funny road — 15 Comments

  1. No time to listen at the moment. I am off for a Topless Photo session!

    I’ll listen when I come home, I’ll need a laugh then to help forget about my squashed boobs. Ouch!

  2. Actually, it is better!

    The only problem is at the end where I apparently butt in and say “is that it then?” or something. He edited out the half hour pause when nobody had anything left to say!!

  3. This is the last apology for being drunk on the interwebby thingy. Although I meant all the nice things I said (did I say any?)

  4. Baino – would you kindly shut up. You were great! You were the star of the show. I have never heard a champagne glass broken before with such finesse.

    Your gentle Aussie twang was such a relief after those raucous Americans.

    And could you tell Drummerboy I was into his site – I like the sounds!!!!

  5. I’m raging.

    For some strange reason I can only download 2 minutes of it. Even if I could download the whole thing, it would take about 2 hours on this crappy dial-up.

    Could someone please play it to me over the phone? Or ask a radiostation to play it? Or send it on a memory card via pidgeon?

  6. I’ll put it in an envelope and post it to you. It’s only 36Mb [3 hours to download?]

    If you are very good, I’ll even let you hear it next time you call.

  7. That was a relaxing hour listening to the International podcast.

    Answer to Granny’s question:

    “What is the difference between a duck?”

    Ans: One of it’s legs are both the same!

  8. Currently downloading, will give it a listen later. Looking forward to hearing what you guys sound like or have ye cleverly disguised your voices with one of them pitch warbler thingies?

  9. I’m the one that sounds like a Dalek, B3n.

    Fair play, Grannymar 🙂

    OK, so – Why is a mouse when he spins?

  10. Grandad, thanks so much for the plug. I reckon it was the best of 50. Call K8 and play the show over the phone! 🙂

    Baino, stop the apologising! You were fantastic!

    I hope you all enjoy it, and please excuse my “Southern” accent. 🙂

    What is that no man ever saw which never was but always will be ?

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