I am letting my dog write today — 19 Comments

  1. *sigh* Now I have to put the keyboard on the floor again. Over to Sandy……

    Tahnk you Gnmarynar. You are vrey knid but I tihnk Gnadard is bnrliliat. He is much betetr than me.

  2. Hi Sandy

    You should do a pitman typing course like I did. It only costs 24 Ovals, 4 bonios and a tin of pedigree chum.

    Woof woof


    PS. See you later, but don’t tell Grandad.

  3. On behalf of Sandy – Thanks.

    I’ll pass it on to her, but she can pay her own fee.

  4. You haven’t been eating any of those English woman’s special cakes‘, have you?

  5. Dario when you get to our age we don’t need special cakes!

    We just have Cuckoo drops

  6. This is getting ridiculous. First Herself gets in on the act. Then there is talk of Offspring starting. And now the bloody dog is getting nicer comments than I do!

  7. Offspring is not starting anytime soon because she is on dialup. It costs a bleedin euro just to log IN to the damn site.

  8. Hiya Wyudole!

    Taht link you sent me is not wiorkng. Ltos of ploepe have treid cickilng it and it geos newohre!

    Tell Opipprnsg that a Eruo is a samll picre to pay for havnig a bolg. It wluod olny buy one Bonio.

    I thnik Gadrand is tkninihg of aknisg ppoele if tehy wnat to see Oinfprfsg sattinrg a bolg.


  9. Grandad,

    Would have to say Sandy.


    The .coms for both dogrambles and sandyrambles are available 🙂

  10. Tnhak you Naill for your vote of cdfoiennce.

    I do not have mcuh time for blgoigng bscueae I hvae to sleep a lot and cshae cats out of the garedn. Gadanrd is much better tahn me awynay.

    I think you are bieng rheatr nasty to him bsuecae he is diong his bset. And I tinhk he is the bset porsen in all the world.

    By the way, how mnay Bnoois wloud cost?


  11. Hi Sandy

    My name is Girasol and I’m a cocker/labrador and gues what? I have my own blog! you can stop anytime and say hello.

  12. Hi Girasol,

    You are vrey lkucy to hvae your own blog. I wloud lkie one too, but my masetr syas he is too busy to mkae one for me.

    I will viist yours tgohuh.


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